🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Four Tops/The Temptations

One of the greatest songs ever written


One of the most joyous expressions of love and happiness ever recorded


cor that’s two incredible lists of tunes


Went Temptations 5, Four Tops 4. The world is much better off having both of these groups around. Uncanny vocal harmonies, both bands have had their turmoil but they are in the cannon of Motown’s greatest. Hit machines when they were started out. If no one has seen it the biopic on the Temptations is really good. Some of my favs.


How could I forget the fucking Funk Brothers!


Everyone has heard this a million times but it’s genuinely perfect. The absolute pinnacle of pop music.


Smokey also a 5.

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5s! 5s! 5s! Across the board!

little disappointed it isn’t Minor Threat/Fugazi though :sweat_smile:


Did I ever tell you all that I was in the Temptations once, for 3 mins.
When I was doing the Motown studios tour in Detroit the guide picked me and 4 others out. We were taken into a side room and got a very quick demonstration on how the temptations ‘danced’.
We were then taken in to Studio A and ‘danced’ and mimed along to My Girl in front of the rest of the tour!
One of the best moments of my life.

Ps… Reach Out, I’ll Be There is one of the best songs ever recorded.


This might be the day HGATR finally dies :grimacing:

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Don’t know enough by either acts to say much about them. Some amazing songs but I’ll have to have a deeper listen before I could vote.

These are two undeniably great acts but maybe just not ones that have a lot of discussion points amongst our demographic. I’m sure most people know and would appreciate the biggest hits, but I doubt even the band members involved have much to say about some of the Temptations’ 43 studio albums.

Anyone wanting to listen to an album by each to get a feel for what else they could do beyond the songs winning the polls could do a lot worse than winding the clock back to 1973:



Also <3


I was embarrassingly old when I found out this was a (very good) cover.

I will abstain because I don’t know enough of either bands music but will happily spend a few hours this afternoon ploughing through some best ofs.

@IvorDewdney I think you are perfectly within your rights for this indulgence and it is nice to read your enthusiasm. I’d also like to add my thanks for these polls / threads, for they have been a true saviour over the last year. I know they have been going longer than a year but they have taken on a new level since the first lockdown, even if I’m only speaking for myself here, which I doubt.

The HGATR threads have galvanised focus on the music boards. I personally have found lots of new music this way and / or given artists a chance and liked them after I’d possibly already made my mind up incorrectly sometimes.

Even if I don’t like the featured artists, I love reading when someone posts one of those posts, which these threads allow the perfect playground for. It feels like DiS has been through a storm of late and I miss the lack of interaction with some DiSers who have stepped away, I hope that is temporary in many cases.

For a bunch of strangers on an obscure music forum these things should not really matter, but they have given people a reason to get out of bed, to express themselves creatively, to argue and make up, to roll dice, to laugh at a screen, to listen to new sounds.

Not up to me of course, but I’d love to see people return and I’d love HGATR to continue, for over an insanely difficult year, these threads have been a huge positive…

More please.


Thank you :heart: These threads are the only reason I still have an account here to be honest so it’s nice to know they’re still being enjoyed and useful.

That being said, if we can’t drum up 50 votes on these 2 artists then I’m not sure you people deserve to have ears, let alone HGATR threads! :wink:


best regular threads on the boards atm imo


My “cool-uncle” music teacher once put on the Temptations biopic to kill some time in class, and I remember it being an absolute rollercoaster of a film, albeit one which apparently bends the truth a fair bit. Properly got me into the band and Motown in general, so that was an inspired bit of half-arsed teaching.

At some point one of the Temptations rocks up to the studio having written the arrangement for “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”, and another member who he’s been feuding with goes ballistic because “the third of September” actually was “the day [his] daddy died”, but they refused to change the lyrics. I remember thinking that was a particularly messed-up stunt to pull on one of your bandmates! Again, all a load of bollocks artistic licence, as it turned out. But the song sounded absolutely out of this world, just mind-bendingly good.

“Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” is a banger too:

Haven’t heard much by the Four Tops but I’ll be investigating today. Excellent threadwork all round!


Also this is one of the all-time great pay-offs to a running gag:

I’ve always really liked the use of reference by Billy Bragg.

When the world falls apart somethings stay in place