🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Jam

“Listen to The Jam? I’d rather eat some jam! and I don’t really even like jam that much!”

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Not for me but plenty of catchy singles and I get the appeal. One of those bands people just a couple of years older than me or who maybe had an older brother were really into.

Standard issue 2.

  • The Jam
  • Style Council
  • Paul Weller talking about stuff

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I think they might be one of my least favourite bands in the world, and Paul Weller one of my least favourite artists. I actively hate everything I’ve heard by him/them, which is quite rare for me. Usually I’m just indifferent to a lot of stuff but it’s all like nails down a blackboard.

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quite honestly stunned you’ve gone 10 minutes without receiving a like for this post

Apparently they should technically have been called The Conserve


Can I shock you?

I think they’re quite good.

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5-10 very enjoyable singles. Not quite doing enough for me to sit through an entire album of theirs. 3

Same as Destiny’s Child


There’s a good little micropub (remember pubs?) in Barry called the Butterfly Collector. In the toilets they’ve got loads of tiles up with photos of the Jam and full song lyric sheets on them. Every time I go for a piss I think, “fucking hell Paul, these lyrics are shit.”

They’ve got a couple of songs I don’t mind though. Gone with a 2.

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But you’re a big fan of Nemesis the Warlock, right?


I know four of their songs and those four songs can fuck off

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Let’s see if we can make it 10 days!

Wow, not sure I can hold off that long buddy

Just do what you can x

Reckon they’re better than the clash

Some cracking singles, would never listen to an album all the way through, so basically the same as Destiny’s Child/5 (3).

If I ever meet any of you irl I’ll show you how Paul Weller shakes hands. It’s a treat.


ban request


Agreed. However The Jam are 1/5 and The Clash are 0.9/5


I’d give the jam 3/5 and the clash 2.8/5 but I respect your opinion, lots

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Thank you Shrewbs