🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Maccabees

Never get bored of listening to No Kind Words - absolute belter


Not wanting to open a can of worms (he says, opening a can marked ‘worms’) but my issue with Jamie t isn’t ‘rich person makes music’ but the, idk, class tourism? Of it.

Like loads of musicians are obviously massive poshos but they’re not pretending otherwise, I’d put the Maccabees into that bracket


They’re getting a 4 from me. First two albums are really good, still listen to them now a bit. Remember liking the 3rd one at the time too but I haven’t gone back to it in years. Saw them a few times, excellent live band. Orlando Weeks’ solo stuff is decent too.

Was it their singer who sang I Believe in You and Wealth at the Mark Hollis tribute show? If so, he was really good at singing Talk Talk songs.

Never really listened to them much but toothpaste kisses is cute obv

Heard Pelican on the radio the other day though and it’s proper great, made me wanna give them a chance

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You know those apps that help you identify different types of bird by saying this one has a brown wing and that one has a white patch on its throat and so on? We need one of those for forgettable early twenty first century indie bands so people can tell the difference between a Bombay Bicycle Club and a The Maccabees.

  • Pelican by The Maccabees
  • The Pelican by Menomena

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also not listened to many other Menomena songs but really like that one, weird

Fair enough.

Always just had them down as A N Other indie band.

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they’re brilliant, try this one


For me, they made one stone-cold classic album and two I didn’t care much about. And typically bloody dis, I look at the album poll and of course it’s in last place!!

Took me a few goes to click with the Marks to Prove it single but it’s just got such great energy to it. The rest of the album was huge. Spit it out is immense.

The other two just sound fairly generic and uninteresting to me. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???

If they’d only ever released Marks it’d be a 5, but the other 2 drag it down to a 4.

Orlando’s solo stuff is horrible though.

Bog standard indie fodder really but Toothpaste Kisses has a lovely guitar sound so they can have a 2. They’ll be delighted with that

got that album actually but pelican’s the only song that i remember, will listen to it in a bit

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My My is probably the best on that record. Good choice!

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A few bunches of people I know, who are all about 5-7 years younger than me really liked them. I never got the fuss, so I’m going to put it down to their tastes not being mature enough at the time. yeah, that’s definitely it. 3

Never knowingly heard a note by them and that list of songs isn’t ringing any bells. I know very little British indie from the period that they appear to have been famous.


One of those bands that got inexplicably big despite not being at all memorable. Wont say the dreaded “landfill” as that gets thrown about too much, but they were definitely close to being described as that.

Personally, I think they’re shite. Just the worst mid 00’s XFM fodder with no redeeming qualities. 1.

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Never heard them but watched one of the posted videos and better than I assumed, seems like well put together indie. Basically time/place/age is going to impact whether they mean anything but not instantly obviously awful like a lot of this stuff. Not going to listen any further or vote though.

A solid 3. Given to the Wild is a beautiful record and its unfair to say things like ‘no one cared about them’ when the last album went to number 1 iirc. They’ll prob reform and rake it in in a few years too.

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Yeah they were definitely big. Just big in that post-streaming world where big =/= unavoidable or ubiquitous.

Looks like their farewell tour ended with 3 nights in a row at the ally pally


For me they’re just about as insipid, uninspiring and lacklustre a band can be. 0/5