🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Pogues

sees news and gammons foaming at the mouth All aboard the culture war bullshit train once again!

It’s quite funny to see the Daily Mail censoring the offensive words in an article castigating the BBC for…censoring the offensive words. These people are beyond satire.


I left their Facebook fanpage/ group a couple of years ago because it was full of idiots going on about censorship. I think I can hear the screeching from here.




Saw all the sad Grandads whining about censorship on the internet this morning. Would have thought editing out a homophobic slur is totally in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, “Goodwill to all mankind”.

Wouldn’t care if I never have to hear FoNY ever again. Annoys me that for many people that’s the only Pogues they know.

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Saw a younger guy (some football lad from Harlow or somewhere like that) tweet whinging about “can’t believe FONY has been banned just cos of 1 word, this country is fkn pathetic #snowflakes” in one tweet then five tweets below defending and championing Marcus Rashford like he was a loved close relative against “Daily Mail hate crap.” :thinking: 🤷 :thinking: 🤷 :thinking:.

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I’ve encountered quite a few people like this on social media, usually banter males under 30, who will praise Lewis Hamilton taking the knee but also think the world’s gonna end because we don’t have adverts anymore saying “Yorkie - It’s Not For Girls.” Centrist Song of The Gammed

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