🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Rolling Stones

Ah, didn’t know if it was in cinemas or a streaming thing. I’ll see if it’s on in Plymouth.

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Next few could be better actually.

Exactly! But a good thing. The cover album of Exile on Mainstreet by ‘American noise rock band’ (wikipedia’s description, not mine) Pussy Galore is one of the few things that retrospectively makes them of interest to me. Doesn’t mean I’d actually go out of my way to listen to them though!

I’ve seen a couple of live videos from back in the day which go some way to making their popularity make sense

As a quick aside, who is the artist that will get Bowie off the top do we think? Prince? Toots maybe? Kanye?

No chance with Kanye. Prince and Bjork are two that could. Not sure about Springsteen.


Springsteen is a good shout. I’d love it to be Otis Redding or someone but it’s just not going to happen.

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Heard one of princes latter day albums fairly recently and it was total guff, very disappointed actually and kinda dispelled the myth of him being some kinda untouchable genius, probably still give him a 4 though

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Not sure Prince has the longevity to topple Bowie. I wasn’t joking about RiRi, I think she’ll do really well with these. Besides that I’d bet my chances on someone who isn’t rock but stands out as a shining example of their genre like a Daft Punk or a Jay-Z.

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I really like that story about Charlie Watts punching Mick Jagger, but mainly cause it involves Mick Jagger getting punched.

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I bet @anon19035908 hasn’t even thought of doing any dance DJs yet though tbh



Underworld are pretty unimpeachable - one dodgy album and a latter career renaissance. Loads of b sides and ‘rare’ stuff like the river run project. Seem like good people. Outside bet for a high score?


Apart from bowie the top half of that list are barely separated at all, could have all been in a totally different order if one or two people voted a point differently

Used to love Jumpin Jack Flash after seeing it in the film of the same name when i was nipper. Love Paint it Black when I’m baked.

Everything else can get to fuck though so 1 from me. Just don’t see the appeal and genuinely don’t understand how they still sell so well

If you do Nina Simone I think she would have a good chance. Maybe Cohen too.

Can’t decide whether to give the Stones a 2 or a 3. For the music it would be a 3, but I’ve always found them really obnoxious, especially Jagger.

Trying to weigh up whether Nina would get enough votes to make it worthwhile.

they have a bunch of good albums and songs imo. obviously they’ve released a load of shit too but nobody has ever listened to undercover etc anyway

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Brown sugar and under my thumb still get played in public and sung along to and that’s fucking disgraceful tbh


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Yes!!! Would definitely give Nina a 5 :grinning:

Daft Punk, Prince, Bjork and Underworld all excellent suggestions too.