🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Sex Pistols

Is this going to be by far the worst thing Danny Boyle’s ever done? Probably.

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I made the mistake of commenting “Will they include scenes of Sid wearing swastikas?” on the youtube trailer then I got a load of boomer men saying he wasn’t really a nazi, he was doing it in a counter culture way. It’s still a hate symbol, ffs.


you commented on a youtube vid!? you’re a braver person than me!!

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I have since deleted it. More trouble than it’s worth.

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Nothing more PUNK ROCK! than a limited edition re-release of a song almost as old as Mark Noble.

found out t’other day our MP Kevin Brennan recently recorded a solo album with Glen Mattlock on bass. Quite the turn up for the books.

Glen is currently playing bass with Blondie (and doing a very good job thereof)…

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Sweet Jesus :tired_face:


I think it’s tough for anything to be worse than Sunshine.

Sunshine was great until the last 1/3. Slumdog was bobbins.

Hmm - kind of agree but that final third was so diabolical it cancels out whatever came before.

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