🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Sex Pistols

Love the album, some absolute bangers on it. Ridiculous fun and great for drunken singing.

And let’s take a minute to enjoy just how offensive Bodies is. It’s still shocking today it must have set people on fire in the 70’s.
And it’s the best song on the album.



Listened to Bollocks recently for the first time and whilst the majority is shit and hasnt aged well, Holidays in the Sun is a banger


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They’re a manufactured band recycling the voidoids and the Ramones but to deny it’s decent basic punk is daft, also absolutely seismic game changers in British musical history, means they’re a 4 even if theyre shallow wankers as people



The first four singles and the album are good, but could do without the endless rip-offs and reunions that followed.

Watched some of that “The Decline of Western Civilization” the other day, it made me wish that adolescence had never been invented. Fucking hell.

Invention of the teenager’s a capitalist construct innit, as soon as people realised our hormones made us susceptible to fads and icons to relate to like Elvis or Buddy Holly and that people’d spend actual money buying their merch, records, tickets to see them and any media involved in what makes them ‘them’ the whole musical scene exploded. Now the vast majority of people have been born through pop culture and what they did as a teen defines them in a lot of ways, and so does capitalism, which was always the point,


Very much so. I guess it’s just worse/funnier to me when that manifests itself as very conformist non-conformity and rebellion though.


I don’t think anyone denies the Pistols weren’t the best musically and other bands did it better. Their standing is because of the impact they made in the mainstream. Sure it came out from them being manufactured and it was all quite corporate but it opened the doors to so many other bands being able to get heard.


Can’t put it any better than this Ruffo

i get how influential they are but bar a couple of tracks which i think are decent they do fuck all for me. giving them a 2 for their influence.
PiL were much better.


Think it’s hard to overstate how popular they were. Practically every youth culture in every town in Britain was changed overnight. I know popularity’s not everything but for the type of music it was and what they were saying it was quite something.


I guess putting out God Save the Queen in the jubilee year was a stroke of marketing brilliance.

Was always disinterested in them so actually only listened to the whole album fairly recently. I was surprised to find it is a pretty slickly produced album, not really punky at all in the musical sense I’d always thought of.

1 tbh.

Don’t like their music and Lydon is a twat. 2 for influencing some of my favourite bands - Joy Division, The Fall, Simply Red, etc.


In a time where music was less accessible, it must have been quite something to have something like the The Sex Pistols blasted at you and able to be your ‘thing’ to mould your whole identity around and cling onto.

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Especially if the other option was growing a beard, drinking real ale and listening to prog. :face_vomiting:


1/5 for the music and Lydon is a complete weapon too obviously


Said some racist bullshit about the guy from Bloc Party too didn’t he, unequivocal cunt


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Imagine seeing them in '76 must have been incredible, but they were pretty much done by the time their only album came out. Massively influential obviously, but feel the same way about them as I do about most big first wave punk bands in that I’m really glad they existed, but infinitely prefer the stuff that they inspired or influenced.

2 for the music, but probably a 4 overall. Fair to say that absolutely loads of the music I love probably wouldn’t exist (at least in the same form) if it wasn’t for them.