🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Smashing Pumpkins

Adore, Siamese Dream, and Pisces Iscariot would probably be the safest bets if the vocals have been the barrier for you. On those albums he sings in a less nasal style (overall).

  • Siamese Dream if you want a super-focused, massive sounding album packed with riffs and solos and emotion. There’s really nothing like it.
  • Pisces Iscariot if you want a great mix of heavy and acoustic material. It’s their 1991-1994 B-Side / Outtake album so it feels a bit more casual. It might be their most overall enjoyable and accessible album.
  • Adore if you want a long, sad, dark, more traditionally beautiful album. If you have any preconceptions of the band, this one will probably surprise you the most (especially the run at the end).

You really can’t go wrong though, all of them are masterpieces.

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went for Siamese Dream… the heavier shoegazier things are more my thing probably. Actually surprisingly decent, I remember hating Today, not sure if I will be able to get used to it!

also made me think of the band Truly, who I then listened to. they’re Soundgarden’s original bassist, the drummer from Screaming Trees and another guy… kinda psychedelic grunge I guess

kinda want to listen to Hum now too, never heard them but apparently a big influence on Deftones… pivoting into solely listening to 90s alt rock


Hum have just released a new riff-laden album that’s definitely worth a listen.


Definitely do it

Sure you’ve already heard it, but here’s some other very decent 90s alt rock too

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Meant to add @TAFH33, do you like Failure? Don’t know if you could say SP influenced them because they were pretty much concurrent, but fairly sure that Failure got a fair few SP comparisons at the time. Certainly not a direct comparison (vocal delivery is very different) but can definitely hear traces - guitars in particular

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I’ve actually never heard them before! Or at least that I’m aware of, the name definitely sounds familiar though. I’ll be sure to give that album a shot this week.

Ha ha my mate who normally has excellent taste sent me their new one and I burned him by saying it sounds like Feeder. He was embarrassed as he obviously hates Feeder, being a good lad generally. :joy:

Oooh, which feeder songs does it sound like?

No idea mate. I don’t like Feeder and it just sounded like ‘generic Feeder’ to me rather than specific songs of theirs.

Can’t believe Hum ripped off Soccer Mommy.


I’ve not heard of failure, sounds good

Underrated 90s alt rock, could be a decent thread in that, a good place to swing on the flippity-flop, the opposite of a harsh realm

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Even if it only got three replies, would be bang up for this

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Massive influence on the more melodic Cave In also if that’s your bag. Good band and worth a listen.

That latest Hum album is divine also (and doesn’t sound like feeder @1101010 :rofl:)

A massive riffy musical hug is how i’d describe it


new album is shocking

like billy decided to do the opposite of everything that makes SP great

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:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Good guy.