🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Strokes

Over the weekend. I’ve been tagging them with #hgatr so people can ‘watch’ them. Forgot it for this one though, @moderators

Are these too niche for a HGATR? Or Ministry maybe?


I don’t think so I’m afraid. I don’t get to see who gave what score, just who voted.

One of my absolute all time favourites and a super defining band for me, as I would imagine for heaps of people born in the mid- to late 80s. Love them long time :heart:


Link? It just seems like some threads are kept open for longer than others. Is that the case or am I just making stuff up?

They’re generally up for 2-3 days at the moment. I’ve been keeping them going until there have been no new votes or posts for a good few hours.

I’ve also listened loads to First Impressions… and Julian’s solo album Phrazes for the Young. Doesn’t really belong in this thread as it’s not The Strokes, but parts of it are really great imho.

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first two albums are stone cold classics. haven’t listened to either in years tho.

I always thought Under Cover of Darkness was a really strong comeback single.


Just read the whole thread. Some seriously douchey takes from people who pride themselves on only listening to Tracy is Hot and the Clap, Miss Black America, and their mate Tim from Guildford playing a keytar with his teeth whilst singing songs about shoes.


Then we wouldn’t have had the Walkmen though :man_shrugging:


I reckon it’s probably worth giving ones over the weekend a bit more time? There were 100 more votes on the Radiohead one than for Joni, which doesn’t seem quite right… Ditto the Supremes, who had 76 votes total.


i started buying nme cos they covered the strokes all the time. then the hives and the white stripes etc. i remember that whole scene feeling very cool to 13 year old GH. nme kind of reached peak hype with the vines, saying they were the saviours of rock n roll etc. cringe to think about it all now. kind of died as soon as franz ferdinand and bloc party and that lot broke big didn’t it.

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no great loss, the rat aside

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Too young to remember Terris?

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Was First Impressions a bit more 80s influenced or am I mis remembering?

Seem to recall not liking the lead single which is why I may not have given it much/any time.

this post is like david lynch, in that i don’t really understand it but it resonates with me anyway, so i liked it

actually really like the first walkman album

We’ve already run out of all the classic artists eh?