🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Strokes


That’s a bit lower than I thought though.

lots of 2s & 4s, lots of 1s & 5s

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Based on the tone of the thread I definitely thought they were gonna be the lowest of anyone so far

Like I said about 2 million posts ago, they’re the very definition of a 3/5 band.


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Come on folks they’re definitely better than Bob Marley.


Okay, you said it about 3 million posts ago. I can’t be expected to remember that :slight_smile:

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gave them a 3 but still surprised by that. thought they were too innocuous to get that many 2s and 1s

Yeah, but they’re not though, are they?

For me: yes.
Obviously the vote contradicts this but thats okay. :smiley:

3.03! Turns out they were Justin casablancas all along


Nah mate pretty sure they were based in New York :smiley:

I really hope somebody gets this joke



Just in case you’re not aware of the reference @anon50098204 is making yet

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I keep forgetting his name’s not actually Justin now :smiley:


Hated. Adored. Especially when it comes to the social board

3.03… sounds fair.

The only band so far where if you took away their arguably “biggest” album (obvs Is This It) they’d be nothing.

This is still, so fucking funny


Yes, that would have been the one. They were the days that even for such a hyped gig you had a few weeks to buy your tickets after they initially went on sale. I remember hearing the tout prices were crazy though.

I couldn’t remember who the third support was, but google tells me it was Mull Historical Society (Ticket - Academy 3 (Hop & Grape), 21st June 2001 - Manchester Digital Music Archive). Pretty good value for £7!