🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 The Wedding Present

I like them, but they are a band I always feel I should like a little bit more than I do. In theory they should be right up my street - mordant northern wit, crunching guitars - but they’ve never 100% clicked for me. Not sure why - I think it’s because there’s often a slight lack of connection between the music and the words, perhaps because of Gedge’s limitations as a singer. He has a habit of singing every song in a very similar way which can get a little wearing.

Having said all of that, there’s loads to enjoy on those first three albums, which are all pretty great, and some decent stuff elsewhere. 4.

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Love 'em but have zero inclination to listen to them in the year of our lord 2022.

Got into them 'cos I’d read somewhere they were a key influence on Idlewild. Bought Bizarro and Seamonsters in the CD era, which are cracking records. Weirdly never really had much interest in George Best even though that’s vintage weddoes. Thought Take Fountain and that double album they toured in 2016 were good and fair play to Gedge for keeping going and going and going.

They just played round the corner from me doing Seamonsters in full, but I was skint and am not massively keen on those full album style shows, so didn’t go.

Don’t really have a massive opinion on them so I’ll abstain but does anyone else remember them playing for about 30 minutes before Blur at Primavera? Genuinely can’t remember if it was some sort of fever dream.

Corduroy seems to be ‘inexplicably’ missing from this list.

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There’s some great stuff on George & Tommy, and some massive highlights on Bizarro (I think Kennedy was the first song I could recite the lyrics too ((May have been Kill Your Television)) but Seamonsters was the 5 outta 5 for me, then I started to lose focus during the hit parade and haven’t given anything past watusi a listen, Overall a 4 with some big highlights and whereas the likes of Neds, Carter, Senseless Things, Mega City 4 haven’t `been played in my house for 20 odd years, I feel I can always go back to Seamonsters. Still got the classic german parker with a gedge signature somewhere I think.


I mean Kennedy, Dalliance, Brassneck, all good picks but Corduroy is king.

Heather would likely battle it out with my favourite dress for top 5 as well. (for the chorus)

A band I know by name only. Always mentioned in the same breathe as other bands I don’t like, so wont comment further.

What’s that one song they did the Strokes completely stole

All of them


The band that people think The Smiths are

There’s one in particular someone on here posted once. Maybe it is just everything apart from Julian Casablancas being a hunk

see, this is incorrect

Just skipping through Tommy rn. The Strokes stole so much

A tricky one. I quite like their music but they were tainted for me when my mate’s band supported them (c. 1990) and they were arrogant arseholes.

The Strokes sound nothing like The Wedding Present. I’d be surprised if they’d ever even heard of them.


NOTHING like them

Probably a 4 for me as I’ve always liked the cut of their jib, they do that kind of frantic guitar pop better than pretty much anyone else, and they’re brilliant live. Hard to think of many cooler British bands of the last thirty years.

Only slight minor for me is I’ve never been completely sold on Gedge vocally.

This is their best track:


Off topic, but @Funkhouser are we ever going to have a HGATR for XTC? I’m shocked there hasn’t been one yet!

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