🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Thin Lizzy

Love this band, they have many bangers but I will always love Boys are Back because of this


Best live/not live album ever is enough to get a 5 for sure. Never really explored beyond that album to be honest but never felt the need to. Perhaps that will now change…

and for that reason i’ll be watching the thread for some recs.

The Dancing in the Moonlight into Massacre bit is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good on Live and Dangerous…


Massively this :smiley:


I’m a bit Alan Partridge regarding Thin Lizzy in that I only have the greatest hits CD. Like the Ramones (who I also only own the Best of for) they’re a band where I love one or two of the singles but wouldn’t really want to sit through an entire album. Just big, stupid fun rock music isn’t it?

That being said might give Live and Dangerous a listen given the positive reviews here

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Speaking of Thin Lizzy and The Boys (who are back in town), love Belle and Sebastian’s cover of them-

And don’t like this at all

5/5 The Rocker is a beast of a track, great band.


Guitar duel solos ftw. :guitar: :guitar: 4/5


:heavy_check_mark: beers in the shower


The twin lead guitar thing is almost as influential to metal as all the shit we said about Sabbath. Really important band in that regard.

Also loads of bangers. Also Phil Lynott is a legend.


was kind of into them as a kid, find them a bit turgid musically nowadays. their best stuff has that springsteen quality though, lynott was obv a great frontman and songwriter. probs need to relisten to a lot of stuff
this is good

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Thanks all, listening to a greatest hits now, will listen to the live album too though so far think I’m in 3 territory. I had no idea they were Irish, assumed they were American until they introduced a live song on the Best Of. Seen where the front man’s statue is in Dublin and I must have passed that loads of times and been none the wiser.

this song should convert the fence sitters


Surprised that people are claiming never to have heard Whiskey in the Jar


It’s because Metallica’s version obviously so much better

Right, everybody out.


Listened to one album in the hopes every song would be like the Boys are Back in Town and was severely disappointed… Feel like I just want constant duel leads

I knew Metallica recorded a famous cover version of this song, but couldn’t have told you the original artist. Listening now, and pretty sure I haven’t heard this before. I did recognise Jailbreak though.

Thin Lizzy aren’t the original artist either actually (it’s an Irish traditional song that’s been played a lot by The Dubliners among others) but theirs is definitely the most famous version


My brother had Live and Dangerous when we were younger which was pretty fun but I’ve never made any effort beyond that, which I really feel I should rectify. Won’t have time today but I will get to it soon