🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 U2


Absolutely terrible.

Nope. Not clicking that. Already a fucking dreadful song, so I can’t think how this could be in anyway better.

Can I interest you in a cover of the song SOS by Portishead

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Christ, Beth and Geoff really haven’t aged well have they?


You made the right choice, it’s so so so bad, criminally bad - everybody needs to stop giving U2 money and give it to the kind of unsigned bands Chris Moyles hates right the fuck now.

Without meaning this to be a low blow, Bono’s hair in that clip is a crime against humanity.

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Just scrolled through, this list is horrendous.

to be fair to him, Bono’s voice still sounds great.


When I was a kid seeing U2 doing Pride on Top of the Pops was like experiencing the freshest of fresh air amongst all that preening, poncey, fat New Romantic 80s shit that show was populated with.

For a while they did no wrong for me. Unforgettable Fire first, then going back to October and going forward to Zooropa - I consider massive achievements.

Even Pop I rate, as long as you ignore the first few tracks and start listening from “If God Will Send His Angels.”

After that… they became what they are now, which isn’t what they were back when I loved them. But I can’t think of many bands that have been around that long and knocked out that much product that are still what they were at their best.

So removed am I from the current bloated corporate version of U2 that when they gave the album away for free on iPhones, it was months before I became even remotely interested to attempt to listen to it. I lasted one track. Do me a favour…

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I dunno I can see both sides of this. One one hand it seemed a bit like a pale imitation of the exciting dance music crossover stuff being made at the same time. On the other hand Do You Feel Loved is a tune. On both hands you have to give them points for trying, which they stopped doing after Pop

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I thought that as well tbf here is something annoying.

Think that’s Arctic Monkeys

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Has this album not been release yet? Feel like its been teased for years.

Today’s the day!

I still haven’t heard any of these songs and really don’t want to.

I actually like a lot of their stuff, and regardless of what many would say, at their best they’ve been brilliant. But this doesn’t sound like a good idea in any way shape or form. There’s probably an essay somewhere in the fact that when you’re a small band you make a new album every year, but once you’re huge you get to write one maybe every five. Stop exercising the songwriting muscle and you get less good at it. More bands should see what Sparks have proven is possible. FIFTY years in and every new album is still great. It is possible.

Know very little about Sparks tbh but probably fair to say they’re still primarily driven by creativity rather than money and the need to keep the cogs of the machine greased. The extent to which U2 regressed after Pop has me convinced that their accountant sat them down sometime circa 1998 for a sobering PowerPoint presentation full of charts and projections.

This is true. But despite everything, no interview with Bono has ever made me feel like money is his primary motivator, so it still seems a shame.

“if you persist in continuing with all this mirrorball lemon gubbins, I predict you will be back playing to 50 people at The Marquee within 5 years!”