🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 U2

The version of ‘the miracle of Joey Ramone’ on this is a complete disaster. They have seemingly put no effort into this.

The best summary of Bono I ever heard: ‘he is obsessed with Ian Curtis for all the wrong reasons’

Alright, out of morbidly curiosity I listened to the whole of Songs of Surrender.

Everything falls into one of two categories. Basic acoustic versions that lose the grandeur and come subsequently across as silly (One, I Will Follow) or minimalist soundscape-y tracks that are just boring (Where The Streets Have No Name, With or Without You). On the latter, you’d think they’d have learned how to do big soundscapes from all that time with Brian Eno.

Anyway no idea what the point of this was. Not all of it was actively unpleasant but I can’t imagine a single instance where anyone would go to these over the originals. It did make we appreciate them more I guess so maybe that was the plan…

Is this just a contractual obligation kind of album? Seems weird and shite

I think it’s a streaming gambit. Acoustic versions of some of their biggest pop songs could probably slot very easily into some playlists ect? It’s also very possibly just hubris.

I’d assumed it was because Bono’s voice has gone and they have an upcoming Vegas residency. It means he’ll be able to sing gentler versions :man_shrugging: