🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Vampire Weekend

I’m having a bad run on hgatr. Another never knowingly heard.

Look like Pavement’s wealthier cousins.

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They’re not a 5 are they, but I do like them. Modern Vampires of the City is fantastic front to almost back. I usually stop it after Ya Hey, it’s a perfect record with that as the last track. Wish they’d do more stuff like Diane Young, love that.

About five years ago I DJed at a wedding (god I’d love to go to a wedding disco right now) and I played Oxford Comma followed by Get Low by Lil Jon and it totally worked. Only about two people got the joke, but it was ace, if I do say so myself.

Might bump them up a point for standing by iLoveMakkonen and giving him a credit on ‘This Life’ which probably helps keep the lights on for him

They always seem a little flat live (tv) but the production on the albums really elevates the songs.

Not a band i listen to a lot but when I do I really enjoy them

Gonna give them a 3

not bothered about their other stuff but Modern Vampires is really good

VW was the first album I ever bought with my own money and it’s still one of my favourites. Every new album has been interesting in it’s own way and they’re a band I feel v close to, but i can see why they run people up the wrong way. Also, i like Ezra’s radio show on Beats 1, despite it being long winded discussions on american fast food chains I’m unfamiliar with.



Modern Vampires is the best album of the 2010s. Four fantastic albums in all. 5/5.

(obviously hate Ezra Koenig for dating Rashida Jones though)

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3.5 - 4.
Excellent band, agree with @bornin69x that they’re probably the best guitar band of the last ten years.
The latest album runs out of steam, but the first five songs are some of the strongest by anybody recently. I can’t think of another band who could write a song like ‘Bambina’, so many twists and turns in 1:42.

Also, seeing them live there are few bands who have so many ‘bangers’ in their set, literally one after the other.

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Some great tunes but never ever got the hype. Just couldn’t hear what especially elevated them over other bands who also had good tunes and a way with words

3est three around

Not to take issue with any particular part of what you said, but it’s a bit sad if the best guitar band of the last 10 years might only score a 3.5!

Guitars: HGATR: 3.27

A band that always sounded like they would be more interesting than they are. I can’t think of anything of theirs I’ve actually liked, but to be fair I’ve never listened to their albums either. Either a 2 or an abstain…

Find them kind-of irksome TBH, even if some of the debut is pretty catchy. 2.

i’ve tried a couple of their albums after reading all the hype but just find them very very annoying.



Yes! I went for 4. We are where we are with guitar music I guess.

It’s a 2 from me

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A combination of being horrendously smug and dolefully dull. It’s a 1/5.


About as inoffensive as they get. Music made for barbecues. Perfect for 3pm in the blazing heat at a festival where you’re not really concentrating. Also my ex used to play them a lot, so they’ve got a bit of the ick from me (soz lads).

Have no idea what people see in MVOTC having tried quite a lot with it, but I’m at peace with my own conclusions about it.

3 cus I’m feeling nice, because I have enjoyed them at 3pm at a festival and a barbecue. So

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Loved the debut, then it got overplayed and I hated them. Only got back into them when Rostam started producing other stuff and was delighted to find out how good Modern Vampires… is, what a brilliant combination of all their top qualities.

Think they played the post-Rostam ‘comeback’ really well too. Significantly upped their live game, toured a bit, then changed their sound enough on FOTB.

They’ve been a delight to listen to throughout lockdown, suitably melancholic but with tremendous bright spots to keep my spirits lifted when I need it.

Good strong 4 for the lads.


Wasn’t bothered about them at all at first and didn’t get the fuss, but my girlfriend really liked their first album and they ended up growing on me quite a bit. Found the second album decent enough but thought they’d probably gone about as far as their sound would realistically take them. Then they did MVOTC. Holy shit. Reckon it’s probably as close to perfect as indie guitar rock gets. I had no expectations for it whatsoever and it totally blew me away. Probably listened to it a hundred times (my kids all love it too and it was the only thing we had on in the car for months) and I’d happily listen to it a hundred more. Would sincerely recommend it to anyone who’s only heard the first album and thinks they’ve got them pegged. It’s on an entirely different level altogether.

Going with a 5. Probably don’t deserve it solely on the back of one stellar album, but fairly sure they’ll get a kicking. Just hope its not based on them being rich or or ‘insincere’ or such like


Oh also, very sad to see that Hannah Hunt wasn’t a single. Good that they include it in the live shows still though.