🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Weezer

+ the blue album
+ used to cover the sweater song with my brothers (swapping guitars with my older brother so i could play the solo)
+ named my son after one of their songs
+ a handful of great singles after pinkerton

- pretty much everything else since pinkerton
- the growing realisation that rivers is a bit of a creep
- was any of this ever actually ironic???
- weezer cruise
- too may dis threads/rankings

Would be a 5 if they stopped after blue, 4 after pinkerton… after 800 shit albums since, has to be a 2.


can’t believe you named your son Surf Wax


Liked them when I was young. Blue and pinkerton are still OK in parts. Everything since is utter shite and even the decent stuff is painful lyrically. 2

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Save it for HGATR: Alanis Morrisette


Let’s not pretend I’m in this for anything other than the notification count.


everything they have touched is so tragically bad, the first album must have been a complete fluke

  1. One point for each good album
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A very generous 3.

5/5 for blue album, generous 2/5 for everything afterwards. 3/5 being nice, but 2.5/5 on reality

Blue is great, Pinkerton is very good, Green would be a good album if it was released by anyone other than Weezer, Maladroit had a couple of interesting songs on it but I’m glad it was their last ever album and they never sullied that legacy.


what does this mean

If it had been released by a good band it would have been good? Think this argument is 4000 posts long in the SP thread

Never understood the love Weezer got for writing two decent nerdy pop rock albums in the 90s. Literally everybody released at least one decent pop rock album in the 90s. You had to. It was the law.

2/5 purely because I can’t ever hear Buddy Holly and not sing along.


better than kylie but worse than Metallica… :upside_down_face:

or only when judged alongside the exceptional canon of weezer albums does it appear lacking? assessed on its own merit it would be a good album?

bc I’m not having that, it’s shite

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The idea that the early works of weezer are such a high cultural watermark that they became an albatross around their neck is one that I find very, very amusing to read


Greatest band to only ever put out one album, IMO.

they’re not even from kenosha wisconsin

bunch of phoneys


Hovering somewhere around a 2 or 3 out of 5 for me. But regardless of score, 2:10 in Buddy Holly is the peak of music.


Basically OK go without the silly videos

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