🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Wild Beasts

Avoided them for a while as i think I’d heard a snippet of limbo panto and wrote them off.

Saw loads of glowing reviews for two dancers and bought it on a whim. Absolutely luscious record. Some great lyrics and the duelling vocals are great; although i can see why sometimes you’d need to be in the mood for them and other times find those voices a huge turn off.

Dropped off a cliff for me after that. Pretty sure i bought all their records after two dancers but it didn’t click beyond the odd song.

I went back and listened to limbo panto after two dancers and i like how unhinged it is but it is a bit much to listen to all in a oner.

Glad there’s room for the outlandish out there, 4/5

Both, Present Tense distilled their sound so far that it was basically just water (though still has a couple great tracks), the last album changed direction into more of an electro-pop mode which just felt a bit… Desperate? Even though as I said upthread I do actually think that album is slightly unfairly underrated


Sad at the lack of posts in here


Not every thread can be Celine Dion.


Fwiw i scored Wild Beasts a 4 out of a possible 5.

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And they finish on 3.47

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New song by One True Pairing, project of Tom from Wild Beasts

It’s beautiful


That’s really good eh? The video is great too.

He sent me a nice bleak postcard of a car in a car park for signing up to his mailing list too. Hope he gets more recognition with the next OTP album, Hayden is obvs great but Tom has his own special thing going on

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I love Tom’s voice and vastly prefer the OTP album to Hayden’s stuff. It was one of my AOTYs for 2019, so I’m ready for more!

My friend made the video which is how i knew about this project. It’s fantastic isnt it. He also directed Richard Dawson’s ‘The Hermit’ video