🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Wolf Alice

  1. Bit polished sounding for my liking. I think they’d interest me more if they were a bit rougher round the edges.

I’ve been so disappointed with Wolf Alice. I loved the first 2 eps. They were fun, fresh and a bit noisy. Then the first album came out and you can hear how a producer had sat them down and sanded almost everything thing interesting from their sound to Make It Big.
There still are a few good songs across their albums but I never listen to them.
I mean, just listen to this shoegaze gem of a song…

Heard them for the first time recently through the Music League. Really enjoyed Safe From Heartbreak. Listened to some random songs and were pleasant. Will wait for results and start with checking out the top album.

Wool Phallus


That don’t delete the kisses song is good (well the chorus is). Very very bland overall though

This is probably an unnecessarily arsey way to describe it, but for me they get filed under “rock music for people who don’t really like rock music”. Don’t actively dislike them but I’ve never been able to recall a single thing about their songs even immediately after hearing them. Broadly agree with @UncleRetrospective in that they always sound like they’ve been focus-grouped down to the most digestible version of what was originally written. I save the 1 for acts that are actively unpleasant to listen to or are objectionable human beings, but something so unobtrusive can’t get more than a 2.



I liked them early on, White Leather was my favourite song of theirs but I think I’d lost interest before the first album came out. Didn’t follow them at all til I saw their set in the stone circle at that Glastonbury show earlier this year, Don’t Delete The Kisses sounded so good! Had a listen to the last couple of albums and I wasn’t wowed, think I prefer their wistful shoegazey pop songs to the rock stuff but not sure if this is about their strengths or my taste. Definitely going to listen to their latest again, Ellie has a great voice, right now it would be a 3

First heard them on the Trainspotting 2 trailer, basically went “what the fuck was that?” and bought MLIC (special edition with the bonus disc of early singles/EPs) straight away. Classic album, an absolute stunner of a debut. The second one is patchier - some absolute A+ material mixed with lesser songs - and although I haven’t quite spent enough time with the third yet I know it’s great. I too like their wistful, shoegazey, poppy thing most (e.g. Bros, Silk, Soapy Water, Heavenward, Don’t Delete The Kisses, Last Man On Earth); they do write a banging loud rock song (e.g. Moaning Lisa Smile, You’re A Germ, Giant Peach) and it’s only really the snotty punk ones I can do without (e.g. Yuk Foo, Greatest Hits). Overall a very strong 4 from Ella.


Yeah pretty much this. Too shiny. Bought the first album and it just didn’t connect despite thinking there was obvious strong songwriting going on.

Gonna abstain as I don’t think I’ve given them enough of a proper chance.

They’ve seemingly been everywhere this year, so I thought i’d give them a listen. Yeeeeeeeaaaaah, definitely not for me, just kinda bland indie rock. I like some indie, but this didn’t stand out or grab me in any way.

I like them at the same time as agreeing with the criticisms

Don’t know who produced their albums but feels like they’re given too much free will. So at times they sound like a pastiche of other bands without actually having their own identifiable sound

First album is good, second album is great, third album is a dud = 2.5 (rounded up to 3)

Tried a couple of times, but they do nothing for me. The ‘rock’ ones are generally embarrassing, whilst the others are forgettable.

2 because they’re not terrible or anything.

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First album is great, second album is a dud, third album is great again.


Never really got them but don’t feel like I’ve heard enough to fairly judge

The only band I bought coasters off of


Quite liked some songs but never really that fussed. Then really enjoyed Blue Weekend, which felt like them really honing their craft. Maybe a strong 3.

Only know the songs i’ve heard on the tv/radio, but tbf they are on the tv/radio an awful lot. Have yet to hear a song by them that didn’t sound a bit plodding and formulaic, not really for me. Are they a Brit school thing? They have that air about them. Lads in the band are a bit Rockstar by Burton Menswear.

They are not :+1: