🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Wu-Tang Clan

Yeah yeah, there’s a big drop off in later years, but the highs are about as high as hip hop gets. Chessboxin’ may well be my favourite single hip hop track ever. 5/5.

Best Wu deep cut:


They leave me completely cold, unfortunately. Have been meaning to give them another go for a little while though, so will do that before voting.

Never been too big on the Wu-Tang Clan, I think they were probably a little before my time? I’m sure I know some of their songs but I couldn’t tell you what any of them sound like off the top of my head. Voted 4/5 cause I have a general impression of them being good.

Voted Method Man for best member, mostly cause of how good he was in The Wire and The Deuce.

Listened to 36 Chambers off the back of a discussion in another HGATR:

I’ll give them a 4/5 purely on that one listen alone.

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4/5 thanks to tailing off so hard but they’re a straight up 5 for that initial run and the solo stuff as well as some of the more recent solo albums being actually good as well.

Cannot imagine how fucking thrilling it must have been to be around when they burst on the scene.

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never heard them but they are supposed to be good

Also, despite the tail-off there is plenty of brilliant stuff on all the albums up until 8 Diagrams

I could probably cobble together a pretty banging playlist of an hour or so without touching Enter which is pretty damn good considering the narrative of them falling off.

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Never really understood this. I get that feeling of missing out on something the first time it comes along (I think we’re the same age so I was slightly too young for the early Wu stuff) but it’s all there to be discovered whenever you like, especially now with streaming etc. I can’t imagine only listening to music made from when I was, say, 13 onwards (not saying this is what you’re implying btw, just a general bugbear of mine)

that album was surprisingly good. like it when old timers drop something like that when you have no expectations for them doing anything good again. the snoop album from the same year was good too

Don’t know much about them. Did watch their Narduwar interview though and GZA seems like a really top bloke. Could teach Dave Rowntree a thing or too…

Bar the appearance of that twat CeeLo I thought it was a pretty decent effort. Might go for a walk in the sunshine on my break and have a listen to it.

You connect with music hardest when you are younger, you are more likely to be listening to music that is contemporary to you at that stage.

I get it.


Oh definitely, I get that too, I’m just saying that people (not specifically Rarity) use the ‘before my time’ thing to dismiss something they’d otherwise enjoy entirely and not discover it later.

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Another element with Wu Tang is how fucking good they are at talking. Absurd amount of charisma and gift of the gab in one collection of people.


Saw this on MTV base while very, very unsober, and found it absolutely terrifying; still found it pretty scary the next day…