How good are you are extrapolating how you will smell later based on how you smell now and is it something that concerns you much?

and what does it matter?

I smell a little floral. Happen I might have used the wrong deodorant.

Thanks for sharing about your smelling, or lack there of.

I’ve found that since wearing slightly better fitting t-shirts i can pick up a mild hum a lot quicker. Maybe I need to improve my fabric game?

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Always carry a small bottle of aftershave around with me, just incase.


do you keep the small just in case bottle in a small case?

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I mean when I was in Mexico I even tried shaving my pits to see if that helped. Results proved inconclusive, but it was a novel experience.

Yeah. I’ll level with you, what actually happened was I got drunk and started to get concerned about doing laundry, so did a quick google, saw mixed results and though, yeah, I can try this. The next day, having had so much fun the previous day, I decided that my chest needed shaving too. suddenly I was 5 seconds up on my 50 freestyle and fresh as a daisy. then I woke up and itched more than I’d have liked.

Givenchy Gentleman

Tried this once and it made me sweat more.

I guess the hairs weren’t there to soak it up.

I used a honeycomb shower gel today so for a while I smelled like toffee yoghurt. Just smell like normal now.

PRO just had a shower
PRO don’t often smell bad

CON probably having something pungent and garlicky for dinner
CON going to a show
CON chanced it on an old t shirt I’ve worn to lots of gigs and might have an ingrained odour
CON drinking

So on balance reckon I’ll be a 6/10 - not fresh but far from fully eye watering.

that’s some good analysis. good luck with your freshness.

toffee yoghurt is a disappointing youghurt, I hope you enjoyed it as a scent though.