How good are you at bowling? 🎳

Inspired by some bowling chat in the daily thread.

  • Never bowled
  • Rubbish
  • Slightly below average
  • Mediocre
  • Not bad on my day
  • Pretty good
  • Could have turned pro actually pal

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The last time I went bowling was:

  • Within the last week
  • Within the last month
  • Within the last year
  • More than a year ago

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Used to fucking love bowling. Haven’t been in about 10 years for some reason. Might go bowling this weekend.

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are you going to take the skinheads?


Fucking hate bowling.

Fuck off Roman.

I’m usually easygoing with social events and what people choose to do, it’s more about spending some time hanging out etc. but if bowling is the thing, then count me out.


That’s the name of a song.

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Growing up in the shithole known as Bridgend, the place-to-be for underage drinkers was Bowlers.

Look how beautiful it is.


One of those U.S. activities that always seemed a bit forced in the UK. Can’t imagine any Brit owning their own ball or shoes.

Good in a hanging with your mates when your a kid though, bit like playing pool or something. Always got a bit bored about half way through though.

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Used to go fairly regularly when I was younger and wasn’t too bad.

Went before Christmas for the first time in years and was quite shit at it.

It’s fine for about a game and a half and then becomes a bit boring.

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Went 2 weeks ago and got scores in the 40s and 60s. Might use a frame next time

Took the kids last week. They beat me, but they had the bumper up.

Equally horrified that i was allowed to bowl in my regular shoes. The only query was “open shoes”, so i guess they’ll not allow you to bowl in sandals.

The Big Lebowski Film GIF by The Good Films


Never know whether to say good or shit. Someone actually good would batter me, someone actually shit would get battered by me.

Go fairly often and for some reason always go with my partner when we’re on holiday.

Disappointed if I don’t break 100, very happy if I’m over 150 generally. Think my best is 180-odd and got me on the Hollywood bowl monthly leader board


Where would you categorise hovering around the 90s for a round score?

Also going literally tomorrow

Also a couple of times ago, despite being “fine” and playing “quite well” the last game, I managed to start a round off with 7 gutter balls in a row

Quite quite embarassing

  • Hipster place where its all dark and you get a craft beer or cocktail delivered to the lane
  • Chain megabowl/holloywood bowl type thing
  • Rundown independent shithole

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  • Slow, steady and straight
  • Yeet it down as fast as possible and see who salutes

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Got to be somewhere with the full arcade setup, air hockey etc alongside it.


Yeah good point. Thought I was very good until I bowled against my old housemate who used to play competitively.

is the finsbury park place still there?

A little booth selling burgers that look microwaved…

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