💃 How good are you at dancing? 🕺

Not in a ‘could you be a professional’ way but just y’know, if the music and mood is right and that how well can you throw some moves together? So just in general I guess…

  • Very good dancer as it goes. Liquid hips and rhythm like a finely tuned metronome
  • Not too bad, not gonna embarrass myself but never gonna be the best in the room. I have my fun anyway
  • Mediocre
  • Not gonna fall over or anything but not really my bag all in all
  • Terrible. Not sure how I even stay upright tbh (also use this option for ‘i do not enjoy to dance’)

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Terrible, it is something i do not enjoy but wish i did but can’t because i stink at it

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People always seem surprised when it turns out that I’m not bad at dancing, probably because I have the appearance and demeanour of an inflated jelly baby.

Awful, just awful. Still going to do it though because it’s very fun.


Another vote for enjoy it but dreadful

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Hahah nope

Love it. Universal language.

Hips and knees don’t allow for the full… range of movement I used to enjoy though.

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Better than you’d think but I don’t enjoy it at all so I don’t do it

I’m not ‘good’ but I am ‘silly’ which is funner.


Every year after strictly I think I ought to book me and Mrs f ballroom dancing lessons because she really loves dancing and like duh it would be a great bonding experience.

But I always forget.

Hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it.

May I ask you a question in relation to this please?

Of course!

As somebody who neither drinks nor dances, which do you get more peer pressure about (and which irks you more when people won’t accept that you don’t want to do it)?

Good question.

Historically more pressure on drinking (don’t really get any at all any more) on accounts of there being more occasions where drinking is involved in the thing than dancing is. However, the pressure of “come and have a dance” is more intense and more irksome in the rare scenarios where I have to encounter it and it makes me feel worse about myself than drinking pressure ever has or did.

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Wouldn’t like to see myself do it, but I’m probably fine. Dancing is like 99% confidence/not caring, it’s an activity which becomes catastrophic when exposed to self-doubt.


Yeah I guess it’s harder to explain precisely why you don’t want to with dancing.

Good point. I think dancing is one of the only areas where I have a bit of self-confidence, not because I’m any good, but because I genuinely don’t care what people think about it.


And also, seemingly more personally offensive to a dance enjoyer that you don’t enjoy it for some stupid reason.

I know I’ve said it before but if people treated cross-stitch or something with the same attitude they treat dancing you’d see how absurd it is. “Come and do some cross-stitch! What do you mean? EVERYONE loves cross-stitch, stop being such a killjoy!”