➗ How good are you at doing maths in your head? ➕

Not like advanced calculations or something but adding up prices or amounts or whatever in your head or quickly working out 10 or 20 percent of stuff for discounts and that. Everyday maths is what I’m now calling it.

  • Mind like a calculator
  • Not too bad but could be quicker/more accurate sometimes
  • Mediocre
  • A bit below average actually, not my strong suit
  • Rubbish, what even are numbers.

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I always hated maths at school and was rubbish at it but a working life spent in pubs and shops has left me with a strong ability to add things up etc in my head quickly. Find it much easier to convert numbers into prices when adding for some reason too.

I’m an accountant by trade, work in finance and I’m going to be on Countdown for the second time in a few weeks - and that isn’t even the half of what a big nerd I am. I’m good at head maths.


Absolutely terrible, need a calculator for anything more adding single digit numbers. Although I think some of that is anxiety/self-doubt.

I’d say I’m really good but not quickly under pressure. Could do it in 30 seconds but not 10

Are you happy to let us know when you’re on so we can keep an eye out?


I’ll start a thread closer to the time - it’s 11th May (disclosure: I’m neither as good at Countdown nor as charismatic on screen as Pervo so definitely not as exciting as previous DiS appearances).


I find it hard to keep track in my head, like if I have to work out 2 things then add them together, I might forget the result of the first thing while working out the second. I’m probably quite slow but accurate if I give myself the time.

I’ve won awards for it
Not recently though


Good luck anyway!

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Shit hot on mental maths, even if I say so myself.

Used to “entertain” myself by mentally adding up items as I put them through the checkouts at work.

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When did you last win an award for this?

I just liked the post so that’s pretty recent

Is this a joke to you?

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I was made to stand up in front of my year group in Year 8 because I was “operating at a Year 11 level at maths” - As a direct result I was operating at a Year 8 level in maths by the time I was in Year 11



Wait, is this a test?

Just wanted to know if it was too late to offer you a congratulatory emoji.

It’s never ever too late for that

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