🍷 How good are you at drinking? 🍻

Taking into account volume (relative to height, size etc), demeanour, general stamina, what kind of drunk you are etc, how good would you say you are at drinking?

  • Brilliant, one of my main talents. A great all-round drinker
  • Not too bad now and then actually, maybe there’s one element that lets me down
  • Mediocre
  • A bit of a liability/maybe not the best drunk or no stamina or something
  • Just give me a sniff of the beer taps and that’s me out for the night/one pint and it’s O’shea’s time

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I drink every day now so I’m hoping to build up my tolerance. Usually pretty affected after 2 cans though

Takes me a lot to get pissed, and then I’m just tired/a bit more fun. My main issue is I get bloated straight away because I physically can’t burp.

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Used to have hollow legs. Wouldn’t think twice about having twelve pints after work and would bounce out of bed early doors like new.

Nowadays I’m pissed in an hour and anything more than about four pints gives me the fear the next day.

Sad times.


Think I’m generally fun on the sauce if a little loud from time to time, but there are people on here better placed to answer this for me than I am

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Massively out of practice but used to be able to pack 'em away all night and with no negative effect (apart from every once in a while when I’d get knocked sick after about 6), and a whole heap of cheeky fun. Wonder if I’ve still got it, almost definitely not.

I probably drink more than I used to in total. But my binges now are nothing like what they were 20 years ago

Used to love being drunk, could sink 2-3 bottles of wine with very little issue in my drinkin’ days. 3 would give me quite a hangover but I sure loved being drunk to the point of numbness. Was usually a pretty good drunk, too.

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I’m an extremely funny and charming drunk generally speaking, not that much endurance compared to people who drinks regularly but more than most of my pals. It’s usually the tiredness which wipes me out the next day

Worringly too well. I can easily drink far too many pints and not feel too pissed or want to stop

Although wine is my achilles heel, knocks me west that

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I am a very friendly drunk and like to think I am less drunk than I inevitably appear to other people. I can drink in great volumes in any mix without being knocked out, though my weakness is that I often have a complete memory blank fom large parts of drunk nights.

Pretty much exactly this. Dunno about 12 pints, but used to regularly do 4-5+ after work and barely know I’d had a drink. Any more than 4-5 pints after work now and there’s a decent possibility I wouldn’t make it home.

Generally a decent drunk I think. Don’t get lairy.

Generally know my limits so can pace myself so I am not too bad the next day but am not a complete lightweight. I enjoy the social side of drinking rather than the getting drunk so love making cocktails and “being the host” (I built a bar in my back garden during lockdown and put together a cocktail list based on what I have in the cupboard when I have people over).

No worse of a person than i am normally after 12 pints.
Can go out for as long as i want and always get home for when i say i’ll be home too.
Do stupid shit sometimes but i do when i’m sober as well

Probably have a drink about 3 times a year? One glass of wine does me, literally can’t imagine having 2 drinks.

Back when I drank was never a regular drinker, just the odd binge. 4/5 pints would absolutely do for me.

Used to be fantastic. I’d relish the prospect of an all-dayer. Turns out that’s a terrible way to behave when you’ve got off-the-chart blood pressure though, so I’ve knocked that on the head. Still love beer though.

Noticed since lockdown that my drinking plateaus now. So used to be able to pint with the best of the pintmen with no real adverse effects. Reckon 7 or 8 pints sees me with a decent hangover now. Suppose that’s what drinking 3-4 cans 5 nights a does instead of big weekly binges

Quite a few people claiming to be good/charming drunks. Isn’t one of the effects of alcohol that it makes you think you’re more charming than you are?

I too think I’m a charming drunk. However, whenever I spend time with drunks whilst sober the percentage of drunks who are indeed charming is actually pretty small.


Since the pancetta started, I have only been drunk once. Other than that, I’ve only had a pint or two at a time.