🍷 How good are you at drinking? 🍻

Also have an issue with not eating during a drinking session, so that could be 10-12 pints on an empty stomach. Silly goose

I only drink if I’m out, never at home - generally pretty good, jovial, chatty, hopefully not annoying!

Think my tolerance has gone down over the last couple of years (or I can recognise if I’m gonna be completely wasted) so I stop if I start feeling I’m going that way. 4 pints max and if I do drink more it’s spirits after that, either whiskey and cokes or gin and tonics usually.

I get tired after too much drinking now too and need to go to bed, maybe I can do 4 or 5 hours of solid drinking and that’s it. If I know it’s gonna be a long day I will space out my drinks more, maybe go for halfs over pints or whatever.

Became much more of a lightweight since leaving the UK, which I’m fine with

Become totally useless when I’m smashed though and really struggle to keep up with conversations so end up going mute

Eh, wildly depends on my MH tbf. Sometimes I can be a silly fun drunk but if I’m not happy I can be a weepy/argumentative dickhead. Getting a bit better as I get older to recognise when I shouldn’t be drinking but also use it as a terrible coping mechanism so :grimacing: basically any mood I’m feeling, it’ll just multiply it by 100 which isn’t always a good thing.
Can put away a fair amount tbf, but then I’m pretty tall so it makes sense.
Definitely makes my anxiety and productivity worse so trying to be more sensible with it at the minute. Don’t get me wrong, absolutely love a booze but it doesn’t always love me :smiley:

Have been staying out much later than i used to when fully on it but i think that’s just the crushing boredom of single life and not being able to be annoying to anyone when i get home

I am not very good at drinking tbh. I can be fine and fun but it very easily gets to the point where I’m not and I remember nothing and forever worry I’ve made someone else’s night rubbish because I’m a bit of a dickhead sometimes.

As sad as this is I quite like just having a bottle on my own, haha. That way I know I will hopefully only bother myself.

Just realised I don’t think I’ve answered the question very well… it depends, haha.

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Good at remembering stuff the next day though, think I’ve only had blackouts once or twice ever

I’m good at that too, mates hate me for it

Yeah same, it annoys everyone.

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I haven’t been drunk for nearly 4 years now. Started to get anxious about being drunk/hungover and stopped enjoying it. Plus I had a friend who had a bit of a problem and it put me off a bit. That and I don’t like drunk people.

But yeah, I think I was a fun drunk. Just wanted to dance/rap/sing to whatever music was on. To the point i’d just ignore whoever I was out with.

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I drink a lot, get drunk quickly and cannot get any work done with even a mild hangover

Yes this is very true! Though I think there’s probably some truth to it. Don’t think it’s too much of a leap to say there’s a disproportionately high rate of shy, introverted wallflowers in DiS who would be the types to become notably more outgoing with a few pints of disinhibitors in them.


Good at drinking to be honest, but I drink quicker than most people and when I start I don’t really want to stop (:grimacing:) I’ve started to notice that 2 days after drinking my mood really plummets and I get nothing done. I’ve been meaning to cut it out a few weekends a month but… I have not done that yet.

Would love to have the willpower to stop for 6 months or so

Good & charming are different though - good drunk to me means I won’t try to fight anyone, do anything to get us thrown out of where we are, or need help getting home. I’m sure I’m utterly tedious to be around though.

Remembering all the times people make the mistake of talking to me about music when I’m drunk and then I pull out my encyclopedic knowledge of the Joy Division story or something equally dour and dull

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Ok, but generallt drink silly beers and 3 of those, send me over.

If i stick to normall stuff am ok.

Terrible at remembering stuff too, like will forgot all the pre-drinking stuff too

I can be pretty annoying when I’m drunk but I’m good company between drinks 1 and 3 though so tend to stick to that. Never really get drunk these days, I like being two-drink happy then waking up feeling alright the next day.

I get awful, debilitating vertigo the next day if I drink too much, I used to think I just got bad hangovers and couldn’t hack it, wondered why everyone else seemed to just get on with life when I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow and then I learned what it was.

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Very much this

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Used to be able to drink pint after pint and not appear remotely drunk. Then immediately fall apart 1 pint later.
Feel fucking dreadful if I drink too much now. In a mess for days. Another thing getting older has ruined!