How good are you at grammar?

For example, do you know how to use an aspotrosphe?

Which of these is right?

  • chadders’ ate gun’trips’ biscuit’s
  • colinzeal didnt know’s whos’e biscuits he was eating.
  • thewarn is afraid of women who turn into moth’s
  • epimer is useless at Netrunner

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Talk about grammar in here and please don’t be intimidated if you struggled with the poll.


How does it smell?

with, my nos’e


It annoys me about how an apostrophe in “it’s” is sometimes wrong

Pretty good at the basics due to my job, but can’t be arsed getting hung up on stuff like how to properly punctuate bullet points and shit like that.

I feel your indignation.

It’s so big and powerful

You can’t post apostrophe without a post. Did you know that?

Of course I know that

Oh right, shit, err, sorry.

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my grammar makes really good stovies


Good enough

A party trick for needy pedants

When I’m the government, which, by the way, isn’t too far off now, so be prepared to start seeing adverts warning you of horizional change, I’m going to be passing a law, making it essential to use absolutely perfect grammar in all writing. Much like in coding, the writing will not work if the grammar is not sound.


I got the last two of these wrong.

Above average but probably lost some of my touching since my peak-nerd days


4/7 but i guessed almost all of them

a past perfect adverbial conjuction is it? YOU FUCKING WHAT MEIGHT

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Me fail English? That’s umpossible.

Absolutely terrible and getting worse.