How good are you at holding your tongue?


someone’s annoying you
you know something you’re not meant to
something that needs broaching with tact

Or physically, with your hands, if you’d like.


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Literally going to therapy at the minute to try and stop being so good at holding my tongue


too good

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Obviously don’t feel you have to talk about if you don’t want to but what’s caused that, was it your decision? Is it working?

Wise enough to know not to answer this question.

sometimes on DiS I look at a thread and think “I’m not going to reply to that” then I come back 5 minutes later and reply anyway


Caused by a long, long history of me being so conflict averse that I end up going along with stuff that I don’t want to/allow myself to be a bit of an emotional punchbag.

My decision to go but not necessarily with this as the goal, it’s kind of morphed into “oh, we seem to have found an underlying issue which leads to these seemingly unconnected things, let’s work on that”

Not working yet but I’m finding it interesting at the very least.


sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that easygoing people have problems or objections too, as it’s a mindset very alien to me

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Everyone is just trying their best innit. Have to try and remember that at all times IMO.


It’s a really brave thing to be doing irrespective of any end goal so well done man.


Thanks pal x

I get in a lot of trouble for running my mouth (surprise) and I probably need to curb it a little. There’s one “friend” I get into constant arguments with which I know the rest of my friends hate but we keep getting put in the same environments together and it’s just so hard for us not to start calling each other out. It’s tiring to be honest.

very good. I abandon 80% of my replies

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6/10, alcohol depending

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Historically not very good but seem to be getting better with age. Still say stuff sometimes that I should probably keep to myself though. Work in progress I guess.

you could do quite a good joke response where you post a picture of yourself holding your tongue if you like

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Same, sort of

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