How good are you at lying?

In any situation, from a harmless little fib or joke up to trying to convince the police that it definitely wasn’t you who did that thing. In general, are you a good and convincing liar?

  • Basically a spy, could probably lie my way out of anything.
  • Not bad actually but might well fall apart under scrutiny or eventually give the game away
  • Mediocre
  • Not great, can just about get away with it for a little while or something small but not really my thing, I’m fundamentally honest
  • Terrible, basically have to tell the truth at all times otherwise people notice instantly and my whole scheme/plan falls apart like a wet cake.

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I thought I was good until I played this board game with some friends that required someone to lie, and one guy was so good at it I found it unnerving. Like, to the point where even when I knew he was lying, a part of me would start to believe him a little. The whole experience made me trust the guy a lot less afterwards actually.


found out i’m an amazing liar after playing a game like this (Avalon). everyone else, including me, seemed really creeped out by it, and sort of ruined the vibe for the rest of the evening.


Can’t lie at all.

Would be the worst poker player ever, I mean quite apart from having zero interest in poker so couldn’t get any worse anyway.

Do quite enjoy when you realise someone is perpetual liar, can make an annoying person just kind of amusing.


But you weren’t lying about the PROF$ right? To the moon still yeah :rocket:?


Believing your own lies seems dangerous but I like how you had the self awareness to recognise it.

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Absolutely terrible!

Ah had you going, I’m great.

or am i?


Pretty good, but i dont lie cos I’m very honest

if I feel the lie is justified I’m very good

eg. in my old job sometimes I’d be asked a question by the team and I had to lie or at least avoid the truth because it would have been incredibly demotivating.

but if I’m in the pub and someone asks me a personal question there’s absolutely no chance I’m even trying to avoid the truth cos if I do it’ll be so obvious

Sub-question inspired by watching all of Bad Vegan yesterday:

How gullible are you?

  • Very
  • A bit
  • Average amount
  • Not really
  • Not at all

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Probably far too sceptical if anything.


Drowning in Sound, you say it’s called, boss?

And it’s a… five-um…

Oh sorry a FORum…


No can’t say I have. I’m not very up to speed with the internet… the old… eh… superinformation superhighway… as it were

Royter was my alt account that whole time

Took so much work but no one realised

I can be gullible. Depends partly if it’s someone joking around who doesn’t normally joke around, or isn’t a close friend or whatever.

In any case, people - whoever they are, however I know them - pretending they’re really angry at me or something like that freaks me out and gets me very antsy

Terrible, to the point it makes me feel physically unwell :smiley:

I once meant to make cookies for my dad but forgot, so bought some supermarket bakery cookies and even wrapped them in foil and squashed them a bit to make it look like I’d made them. Five minutes after I’d given them to him and him saying they were lovely, I was shifting about so much in my seat that he asked if I was alright and I BURST INTO TEARS and had to come clean. 24 years old I was (genuinely).

I don’t understand it really, people who just lie for the sake of it. Especially if you catch someone out and they still try and lie to save face, just not a trait that I can respect.


I think people think I’m lying a lot though, purely because I say things that are so thick sometimes that it seems unbelievable that a person could lack that much common sense (oh boy I wish that were the case)


can’t lie to anybody, too painful

Hate dishonesty, don’t like being lied to, don’t lie to other people.


This thread must not, repeat NOT turn into a moral debate about honesty. Nobody needs that on a Monday.

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Find it very stressful and can’t really do it. I can manage small necessary lies to people I don’t really know.

Also I’m completely trusting and will believe anything I’m told. I just don’t really expect people to say things that aren’t true.

Hiding things is another matter tho, probably the most proficient omitter there’s ever been.