How good are you at lying?

One of my oldest friends recently looked shocked when I confided about some mental health issues and described me as, “one of the most level headed, has-it-together people I know.”

If I ever tapped into my true lying potential I’d be God King of Planet Earth in about a month.


Basically every bit of advice i’ve given in the careers thread is lie as much as you can.

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not good but im not going to let a lack of natural talent stop me, i just go out each day and lie to the best of my ability


Totally honest all times me, absolutely never lied, never even heard a lie.

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I think

  • having to pretend I’m functional/masking

  • having to pretend to be a person when I worked in customer service

  • being so terrified of being hurt from a life of upheaval and abuse that I was a people-pleasing chameleon who acquiesced to other people’s personalities just to survive

  • trying desperately to articulate things without being hurt

made me a ‘good liar’ on some level

there’s also the constant + unsparing self-questioning and need to be a good person, so there’s never even a hint of malevolence to it

so less a liar, more a pretender of sorts? idk

started to actually develop a social sense of self in 2017, and quit pretending mostly, at least because I felt I had people who I could blossom around - like, I started to feel like I knew who I wanted to be and that my social spheres were in harmony with that person.

also, I find it much, much harder to put on a happy face now

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lol ^ there I go, being dishonest and absolutely not bearing my soul to the extent it makes people uncomfortable

pictured: @GentleGiant (l); @profk (r)


We all lie every day don’t we. ‘How are you?’ ‘Ah, grand’
Narrator: He was not grand

Not very good.

Or am I?


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I’m a terrible, terrible liar. I find conversation so draining anyway that I have no capacity left for lying, and even if I did I’ve got this ridiculous honesty running right through me. I’ll happily avoid conversations for years if it means I don’t have to lie, and it’s something that’s got me in all manner of trouble in my life. Frankly, sometimes lying is good and useful and saves people a lot of pain and discomfort, and I wish I could do it but I’m stuck here being honest or saying nothing at all.

Will lie to people about small things quite often.

Like I recently missed a dentist appointment and my boss asked me how it went and I was embarrassed to tell him that I’d missed it so just said yeah it was fine, then I had to reschedule the appointment and then come up with another reason why I was missing work that afternoon. Still worried that that web of lies will come untangled

Absolutely hopeless under any kind of scrutiny and at lying about bigger stuff though

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Nevermind, thought I was logged in on my other account.




come to think of it, ever seen the bloke and football shirts in the same room?..