How good are you at picking loose produce from supermarkets?


I reckon I’ve got satsumas down. Give them a good squeeze, if they’re proper soft then you’re laughing all the way to the bank, the squishier the better. Can’t seem to get avos right, try and pick a softish one but I open it up and often it’s a bit brown :expressionless:

Any tips? Give the melons a big old squeeze do you? I bet you do mate.


Where the fuck are you getting loose sumas from?

Someone shut this thread down.


M&S yo! Or easy peelers as they call them :confused:


M&S wanker


No! I don’t squeeze anything. I go by colour of avocados and I just grab any melon and wait till I get home before I give them a good squeeze.


Aha! Does this system work for you witcho?




And you can buy one of them?

We were discussing M&S fruit just yesterday. I buy their red apples, don’t bother with anything else. Who would buy a banana from M&S? I suppose the DiS answer would be tories.


You could get a good dark one of a good pale one. OVERRULED


Don’t buy fruit & veg from a supermarket.




Pretty much go there most days on my lunch and buy a loose 'suma and a banana. The banana gets eaten about half an hour before I go out on my bike for that sweet slow release energy.


So far, yes!


Edited, thank you.


Will be employing this technique in the future, cheers chief!


Their grapes are always amazing. Crisp and juicy.


i squeeze every avocado in the damn shop and still pick a shit one


To be fair, I have only recently adopted this technique because I didn’t really eat many avocados. So I say it works but I’ve only done it three times :smiley:


100% success record on the most dickheadedly precious of all veggies (it’s probably a fruit actually isn’t it :roll_eyes:) is very good going.


I always find pineapples a bastard despite using the leaf technique. Theyre always unripe, unripe, MOULDY! :confused: