How good are you at pool? 🎱

Following on from yesterday’s bowling thread, might make this another regular thing. Might not, I’ve got a lot going on already tbqfh.

  • Rubbish
  • A bit below average
  • Mediocre
  • Not bad on my day
  • Proper hustler

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I can remember when all pub pool tables were 10p a game. Those were the days.

If you catch me between my second and third pint I’m absolute fire.
Any time before or after and I’m more often that not absolute toilet


I bet @The_Respected_User is a demon on the cloth


Bet he’s pretty good at pool too


yeah! and swimming pool!


This is me but with darts.

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and Poole, Dorset (the visiting of)!

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Utterly terrible.
Remember being comprehensively thrashed by my younger brother at university which was humiliating.

Sometimes used to play with my wife and she had a theory that being terrible was good because you got more play time for your money. We’re both awful and could make the 20p or whatever last for ages.

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I do not remember this. Think I remember some taking 2 x 20p, which was always a pain, but most being a quid. Although this was probably by the time I was (almost) old enough to drink in the pub at the end of the last millenium.

Yeah this would be when I was 10 or so, so mid-90s.

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Not very good. Sometimes I can play alright and give a game, sometimes I can barely pot one

I once played snooker. That was painful, you have no idea watching on the telly just how enormous those tables are. They’re vast. Basically have to shout across at your mate at the other side across this ocean of green. Think i potted three balls all afternoon.


I’m similar. If you catch me between my second and third pint I’m absolute toilet.
Any time before or after and I’m more also absolute toilet.


Used to be decent. Had a pool table in the canteen at work and used to be a member of the snooker club. Played in a league and everything. Proper rubs now though

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Used to go to a pool hall on the regular with my pals when we were in sixth form. Despite that, I was still pretty shit.

Been a long, long time since I played and I’d be utterly appalling at it, I reckon.

Played quite a bit between the age of 16 and 21, was never especially good although had the odd golden streak after just the right amount of beers.

Was absolutely smashed down the local one day and the pool team were short of players for an away game so they roped me in as a ringer. The guy I had to play was ridiculously good, although took ages on every shot and chalked his cue constantly. I hadn’t potted a single ball, he had one of his left and he was walking round the table for a full five minutes surveying things from every angle. When I helpfully reminded him he was reds it did not go down well at all :slight_smile:

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I do better at snooker. The massive table gives me an over inflated ego which makes me better.


total wild card, can be either completely hopeless or mop the floor with everyone depending on the day

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Abysmal I’m afraid, really really bad at pool.

However, I did once do a really cool game of pool which I kickstarted by saying “You rack em, I’ll fuck em” to my opponent and then I potted like four balls on the trot the last of which I said “I’m chipping this over the red” and actually pulled it off. (I still lost the match though)

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The slight variations in rules from place to place are a bit annoying (not even including completely different versions like 9-ball). When I was in Oz it seemed to be standard that you had to call which pocket you were going to pot the black in, and if you potted it in a different pocket you lost. Me and my mate decided to annoy the locals by saying that in England to win the game you had to jump the cue ball and black off the table. Did this in a fairly rough boozer and one of the balls landed directly in a guy’s pint.