How good are you at reading through typos?

  • Good
  • Very good
  • Average
  • Bad
  • Very bad

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I am excellent at it because I make so many myself and half read words anyway so can fill in the mistakes. Here’s some disaster typing for you to try on (i typed fast as usual and removed all autocorrectoons)

Tjeb reason I suxj ar tyoing is because i have sausage figneds ans type way toofasr that eveb autocorrect dossnt want to know and my phoje has so many tpyos ingrained I the autocorect system that osnetimes one mislpelling is corrscred to akither

  • Yeah this is understandable
  • …what

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I make loads cause my phone keypad is too small and its a lot of effort going back and changing. Same reason I tend to leave out apostrophes

Yeah I’m shite at typing too. I correct typos at work and on here but otherwise, fuck it. Work it out, it’s not hard.


they always make me stop and try and figure out what was meant, I really should be better because I am so bad for making them myself, I often end up typing words that sound the same, not just obvious ones like their/there, cant think of any examples right now but sometimes I will replace a word with two words that together sound similar

I like how 79% of us think we’re above average and only 7% think we’re below average.


I’m shit with tiny typos around grammar, like the wrong their/there or a bad comma in an otherwise readable sentence can have me reading it back several times before I get it.

Edit, had to correct much typos