How good are you at recognising faces?

This sorts the wheat from the chaff.

Takes about seven minutes so if you’re at work you’ll need to power down triple-hard afterwards to make up for lost time.

What have I ever done to you to deserve this, mate


Take it up with Birkbeck and whoever made your handheld device.

What are you trying to access it on? A calculator?

A smart fridge, actually.


I’m sorry, who are you?

A super recogniser.

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That bit where the faces get all distorted with the pixelated colours creeped me out a bit tbh

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I got 75%, so a bit under average.

:musical_note: Then I saw her face. Now I’m uncertain. A little trace of doubt in my mind. :musical_note:

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Quite good which is a relief because if you tell me your name I will not remember it.

I don’t have 7 minutes to waste at work today, I’m afraid. Apart from on the dump I’m currently having. Oh, and making a couple of cups of tea. And maybe catching up on the cricket.

I think I get around poor face recognition by relying on things like hairstyle and height and gait and stuff, but also, as you say, context.

If someone’s had a haircut and is in a place I don’t normally recognise them then they’re probably getting blanked.



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Pretty good at recognising peoples boat race ( thats right I am cockney what of it?)

Same, faces are pretty much useless for me recognising most people.

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93% - whoop what do I win (apart from probably helping build a sinister Cambridge Analytica styled Nazi robot). Not helpful info given that I always go on about being rubbish at recognising people.

But are you a super recogniser?

i want @grievoustim to try this

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Cos I though I saw you in Brighton that time :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a go later