How good are you at running?

Not just in a sporty way, but say you’re a bit late for a train or a bus or Greggs is about to close or something, how would you fare sprinting or jogging or whatever to make it in time.

  • Really bad, can barely walk tbf
  • Not great, not going to ever win a race but there’s little chance that I’ll die
  • Mediocre
  • Not too bad actually, can keep a pace up for a while
  • Basically an ostrich

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Used to be much better, was doing half marathons, but my fitness has gone to shit over the pandemic years and I struggle with a 5k at the moment. Keen to get back to somewhere in between.

weirdly able to run for miles pretty quickly with zero training or preparation. Like I haven’t done a run of any description in about 3 months but would be fairly confident I could do a half marathon right now.


Used to be ok but outside of playing football have little fitness and no motivation.

I’ve got a 12" titanium rod in my lower right leg which makes running for extended periods of time rather uncomfortable

This guy basically has “running” as an alternative form of transport, which is mind blowing to me. Has run like a couple miles to buy all the ingredients for a fry up one morning and run back with them (including eggs) in time to have a nice early breakfast once when I was hungover or something. Incredible. Wish I could fit in a little backpack or something and use him as a taxi.


Pretty good, hardly an athlete but starting to reach an age I’m lucky to be able to run about at all. Used to do a bit of cross country in school until I discovered literally anything is more interesting

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Average now but at one point I reckon I had a decent chance at being the fastest person in the world. Probably because I share a birthday with Usain Bolt.


Quite good at actual “going for a run” running. Other than that I don’t run under any circumstances, find it quite demeaning. I do walk quite quickly though so don’t really suffer any adverse consequences.

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Ran a 10 mile race in 1h35m with no training before.m so probably was alright. Then kids came along and I got unfit and fat and now absolutely not any good at running

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Used to be excellent tbh. Was a sprinter as a young fella and did pretty good.
Also helped me be a decent winger in football as the pace negated the need for a lot of skill :laughing:
These days Im ‘okay’ at running.

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If I’m running for a train, chances are I’ll have like a hefty backpack on or something and therein lies a major obstacle

Did a half marathon at my peak, it broke me and I’ve basically never run again.

Hate the way my heavy body feels in motion like that.

I’m a plodder. I get nowhere fast, but I can keep going for a few hours.

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With my build I should be good at sprinting but bad at running for a long time but in reality I am the opposite

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Not built for that shit even when fit. Best I could do as a springy 18 year old was 5k in 18 mins. Went up to about 25 mins when I got back into it just before corona.

Much more of a ‘moving stuff around’ type human archetype, and I’m also good at swimming.

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Can sprint really really fast, don’t get enough excuses to do it

When one walks with my pace, there’s little need to take the step up to running.

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And what about your running ability?

Two minute wonder