🎤 How good are you at singing? 🎤

Not in a professional capacity or whatever but just like around the house or in the car or maybe karaoke and that, in general how good a singer are you?

  • Really good as it goes, could definitely impress people with my singing voice
  • Not too bad, never gonna win any talent shows but I can give it a go
  • Mediocre
  • Below average, can just about hold a tune but that’s as far as it goes
  • Make sure your windows are reinforced before I get going, Terrible.

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If the song’s in the right key I’m okay. My voice is fucked though, serious gap between my lower notes and my upper range. Makes certain songs impossible to sing.

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Always really hated my singing voice and thought it was rubbish until a few years ago when I was drunk one Christmas and my sister (music performance degree, qualified singing teacher) told me that with a little coaching I could be quite good. Now I simply won’t shut up. Got to be in the right register (?) though otherwise it’s still horrendous.

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not great, but i’m enthusiastic. although covid has fully ruined my voice still, two or three weeks after getting a negative. bored of having a fucked voice now, thanks

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used to actually have a pretty good falsetto in my 20s but that’s long gone

Nope, terrible singer

Appalling. Can’t stay in tune. Real source of anguish, would’ve loved to be able to sing.


Pretty good yeh. i’ve sang in covers bands and made some bunce doing it. i’ve not got a distinctive voice and i cant write a tune but i’m a star at karaoke

Can hold a note and get told I’m good every so often. Not gonna wow anyone though. If I ever have a bit of money (lol) I’ll get lessons cos I’d love to be dead good


Completely monotone, someone at a party once asked me to stop singing along to songs as I was ruining them


Sorry about that.

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Not good

Would love a voice transplant if that becomes a thing

Dreadful. Really hate (my own) singing and if I were to actually hear it I reckon it’d kill me. The thought of singing, or more specifically anyone hearing me sing, is the stuff of actual nightmares.

You were well within your rights to

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I reckon I’m probably the best singer on DiS. I’m better than almost everyone I know and I know lots of extremely good singers. Sorry for boasting, I don’t boast very often and this happens to be true.


Please don’t say sorry, it’s good to be aware of your talents I think.

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thanks. I sang at a party at the weekend and the room kind of went silent and people were watching with their mouths open and stuff cos not many of them had heard me sing before and I had been quite shy at the party, it was a bit like that film with Jane the Lorax or whatever she’s called.


Haven’t a clue tbh. I do go for it at karaoke but I make sure to stick to a deep register and ham it up a bit. Not really got a note in my head

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I can actually sing okay but I’ve spent my life being really shy about it. I listened to some old demos of mine I found a while ago and I was surprised at how much better I was than I thought, the old youthful confidence carried me a bunch but I can actually sing. Plus I can do a fucking knockout Justin Hawkins impression (range, tone and all) which is useless but very fun.

I think I’m pretty darn good - especially with the right song. People seem impressed when I sing. I think a couple of you have heard me too :smiley: