how good are you at smiling?

This comic sums up my attitude to my smile

read this to yourself asshole

Why don’t you, butt face.

Those are my natural teeth. Have the middle filled in now so it’s fake, but it’s over a decade old now so needs replacing. Gonna seriously look into getting them sorted when it’s safer, need to have other stuff done first though.

TEETH. Stupid things. Ooooh I’m some exposed bone that sometimes hurts and affects your self esteem. Pointless, get rid


Fucking awful lads. Yesterday me mam and Her Indoors were having a right pile-on for me “always pulling stupid faces in photos” yeah that’s because if I smile I look like a fucking dick so it’s better to make it look intentional. Always always found having a camera pointed at me excruciating.



Ditto that. I reckon there is a single digit amount of photos in existence of me between the ages of about six and sixteen. Used to hide and cry when the camera came out as a child.

Used to take my glasses off for photos when I was a kid so there are a few pictures of me on my parents walls where I’m holding a pair of glasses in my hand


I have resting bitch face

Been told by TWO jobs that I need to smile more


hurts my face

Do a decent smirk. But when asked to pose for a photo it is indescribably shite. Catch me unawares and 1 out of 50 times it looks passable.

Never sure

Never that good on photos cause you’ve got to pull one out yr arse but I do quite like smiling bc its nice and I think my appreciation of the act shows when I do it sincerely

Quite like how when I’m walking up to friends I haven’t seen in a while I’ll get a little smile start to creep onto my face outside of my control. It’s literally the cutest thing ever, don’t @ me

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used to be a toothy smiler and didnt like how it looked, then i realised i could simply smile comfortably and look banging, so now i do that. i want to agree with everyone saying that all smiles are good and no one has ever thought a smile looked weird, but the nephew’s smile is weird as fuck. fair play to the kid, no idea what hes doing


gappy teeth are cute, dont worry about it

terrible, have you not seen my selfie posts?

Someone once took a photo of me when I wasn’t aware and I looked pretty good, it’s clearly the whole thing of as soon as a camera’s pointing at me I try too hard to “smile” and look like a dick.

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Exactly this. In drunken candid pics I think I look great and happy as anything. Make me pose for it and my face forgets how to work

Like someone else said I developed a weird “photo face” to avoid this, but then I also don’t like how I look when I do that. So :man_shrugging:

People are shit at judging their own smiles.

People often think photos of themselves where they’re smiling in a stock-photo style are the ones where they look best, but they’re not. They’re the ones which are least reminiscent of that person actually looking happy. Left to their own devices, most people’s favourite photos of themselves are ones where their smiles look forced and weird. That’s because people don’t actually see their own face very much, so they’re not as familiar with its nuances.

It’s great seeing a photo of someone you know with a big and real smile on their face, because that’s the face that you associate with them being happy.


Dreadful. Hate it. Seems so unnatural

Having my wedding photos taken was awful. Had to smile and ended up doing a stupid raised eyebrows thing as well

Used to hate my smile cos my front two teeth are a bit wonky, and didn’t ever smile in photos as a result. Realised that was helping no-one cos instead of looking a bit stupid cos of my teeth I just looked incredibly miserable, so kind of did a 360 and just started going for a huge toothy grin every time, and I look way better in photos as a result. There’s still the odd photo where I want to rip my own head off cos my teeth look so shit, but it’s better overall.

Hard barrier to overcome though.