How good are you at swimming?

  • Good
  • I can swim
  • I can swim but feel like I’m dying quite quickly, get tired much quicker than I do from running or something
  • Can’t swim
  • Just had bacon on a brioche roll. The sweetness of the roll made the bacon seem really salty in comparison. Was strange really.

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Great. I’ve got the 1500 metre badge

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I go swimming 4 or 5 times a week but wouldn’t say I’m particularly good in terms of speed

Can you pick up a brick from the bottom of the pool while wearing your pyjamas, too?

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Used to be a really good swimmer when I was younger. Think I’d be cunted after two lengths these days.

Breathing out through your mouth into the water then turning your head to breathe in, seamlessly

  • Fucking impossible
  • I move away from the water to breathe in

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Strange how that’s not something I’ve had reason to do in my adult life. Still time, I guess

I’m ok. Not as good as I should be given my height.
Have a noticed a few houses near me have pools, but they are about 8 metres long or even less. What is the point of that? Cost a bomb to run and you’re basically at the other side in a few strokes.

I’m pretty alright at my own slow pace but after about 10 lengths I’m absolutely done. Swimming in the sea is tonnes of fun though

I can swim but hate it. It’s just not-drowning. I can do that on dry land, thankyouverymuch.

I can survive. Could probably thrash through 1000m if I needed to because I’m fairly fit but I’ve got appalling technique and don’t enjoy it

Was in a swimming club until I reached the age of cba with extracurricular shit. Got a load of medals somewhere (parents’ loft probably) from competitions I used to go to.

Haven’t been swimming properly (as in at a proper swimming baths, rather than fucking about in a pool/the sea on holiday) for about 10 years but reckon I’d still be well above average.

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Swimming teachers

  • Like PE teachers on Steroids filled with evil
  • I know a nice one, honest!

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We lived in the middle east when I was younger, and swam every day after school. And so became quite good quite quickly, but have no idea now. I haven’t swam for decades. Let’s just assume it’s like riding a bike (but wetter, (unless it’s raining)) and say ‘not bad’.

I’m quite good at swimming, but only the frog one. Slow and steady but I can go fast enough to exercise

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I can swim breaststroke for a long time, often do 2 hours non stop but I’m slow so in that time probably only cover 2 miles.

Can’t go fast though and I can’t really do other strokes so well

somewhere between can’t swim and can barely swim

I’d like to get better, but I think maybe the chlorine at swimming pools affects my asthma?

Won an achievement award at my swimming club when I was a kid. Got a wooden shield and everything.

Like going on about this because it’s probably the only time I’ve ever won anything

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As a teenager I competed at county level.

I gave up when my mates started going to the pub, and I couldn’t be arsed training any more.

Bit silly really.

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My technique is abysmal. Can just about do 50m