How good are you at wrapping presents?

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I take the easy way out (tissue paper and a gift bag)


Nothing fancy but the lines all match up and edges are neat. Solid 7. Anything more must include bows and ribbons and shit IMO

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6 - I can do a decent job but prone to rough edges and struggles with weird shaped objects.

Cannot do anything with ribbon or string to make it look fancy which I think has to be the criteria above a certain level.

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Worse than I was as a kid - realised no one cares how well it’s wrapped

one of those things like ironing where i just simply don’t understand how it works

alright, ICP etc

I think the main thing holding me back from doing it well and putting time and effort into it is that it literally gets torn apart! fuck that! #sorrymysecretsantee


It’s one of my key skills

Should be a zero option. Actually there should be a minus option because anything I wrap will end up looking worse by virtue of me having wrapped it.

Oh yeah gift bags all the way for birthdays. Have a box of them that have been gifted that I will reuse and gift out.

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Think I fucking nailed it


Really good at it and love it, when I have the time and materials to do all the ribbons and gift tags it’s the best thing. I’ve sometimes wondered about getting on TaskRabbit and offering present-wrapping as a service in the run up to Christmas but I’ve been too busy each year.

Having said that I’ll never wrap the presents my husband’s bought for his family even though he hates it cos that’s just a slippery slope to doing his ironing and whatever else


Alright daytripper

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Probably a good opportunity to post this again. Two years ago I wrapped an entire drumkit. (Started as a “lol this will be fun” thing, ended up three and a half hours later a near-broken man)


absolute pish, as my secret santee will find out

every year i think i’ll take it slow and try and do a good job but every year i rush to get it wrapped up so i can get round to the post office ASAP

If my shoulder isn’t fucked and I put the effort in I think I could do it very well thanks.

At the moment though, not wonderful.

Really good at everything apart from the ends. Can never get the ends right.

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I really do try to do a good job and quite enjoy it, but am also terrible at it. I’m just missing whatever it is that makes people good at wrapping presents

I’m not amazing but it’s probably the easiest way to get your head into Christmas isn’t it, just sat with a few boozes and a big tube of wrapping, boom, Christmas.

In my case my mum sat me down each Christmas from a young age and taught me how to wrap different shaped presents, so I’m saying the patriarchy has something to do with it