How good are you at your job? out of 10 with 10 being the best

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Nice try, HR.


used to be really good, I’m no longer any good. I’ve tried to wise up a little recently


9 at the job I’m supposed to do. Lower for the rubbish they try and get me to do instead. They know this too.


if we’re going on KPIs i’m a 9 as I hit and generally - although not hugely - exceed all the various targets. That is the only thing i’m basing the 9 bit on.


we are going on what you know to be true in your soul


7 then. I have about three days of the week when I really love what i’m doing and like watching the results. and then there are two that i get shit done but could def be a bit more enthusiastic


a solid, reliable 7 at my usual job, 9 at the system implementation stuff that’s taking up loads of my time rn.


10 - Carry this department and everyone knows it.


not the best not the worst and occasionally I curse
to get my point across


They had an analysis challenge week and I won it so am objectively the best, also got to pretty much invent my own role when I got promoted so only do the stuff I’m good at (and never going to an assertiveness or presentation skills course ever again)


8.6 Best New Employee


doesn’t fucking matter/10

:wink: :wink: :wink:


only 2 out of 23 people are below average apparently


I’m unemployed


think I overrated myself and am feeling a sudden burst of self-consciousness


Dunno how to put a number on it. Currently self-employed, so the only person rating me is me. Not making as much money as I’d like, but also don’t have to do anything I hate. The current things I’m working on will make me money once they’re finished, but the whole working on something but not earning any money until it’s done + also the client being you with no external motivation means you have to rely entirely on your own internal motivation.


are 19 people bang on average and 2 above?


average should be 5.5 assuming a fixed interval scale
maybe disers are just great employees generally


doesn’t seem very likley does it? they just fuck about on teh internet all day