How good are you at your job? out of 10 with 10 being the best

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Nice try, HR.


used to be really good, I’m no longer any good. I’ve tried to wise up a little recently

9 at the job I’m supposed to do. Lower for the rubbish they try and get me to do instead. They know this too.

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we are going on what you know to be true in your soul

a solid, reliable 7 at my usual job, 9 at the system implementation stuff that’s taking up loads of my time rn.

10 - Carry this department and everyone knows it.

not the best not the worst and occasionally I curse
to get my point across

They had an analysis challenge week and I won it so am objectively the best, also got to pretty much invent my own role when I got promoted so only do the stuff I’m good at (and never going to an assertiveness or presentation skills course ever again)

8.6 Best New Employee

doesn’t fucking matter/10

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only 2 out of 23 people are below average apparently

I’m unemployed

think I overrated myself and am feeling a sudden burst of self-consciousness

Dunno how to put a number on it. Currently self-employed, so the only person rating me is me. Not making as much money as I’d like, but also don’t have to do anything I hate. The current things I’m working on will make me money once they’re finished, but the whole working on something but not earning any money until it’s done + also the client being you with no external motivation means you have to rely entirely on your own internal motivation.

are 19 people bang on average and 2 above?

average should be 5.5 assuming a fixed interval scale
maybe disers are just great employees generally

doesn’t seem very likley does it? they just fuck about on teh internet all day

what you working on now?

There’s a difference between being incompetent and not being arsed to be competent
It’s not a huge difference, but it’s there…