How good are you at

remembering or correctly inputting your memorable words/names/questions for security checks?

If I manage to remember the word then I never remember if I’ve used capitals, or apostrophes where needed.

  • I have 100% accuracy and recall
  • I am constantly in a fugue state

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locked myself out of stuff so many times. Shit what’s my pin number again?

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Pretty much exclusively rely on “forgot my password” procedures now.


One of my best skills.

I’d say I’m about 95% accurate for personal stuff. I have tricky but memorable passwords for really important stuff (bank, email, Paypal) and then a system for the rest.

Work stuff is trickier as I have about ten systems I have to use and they seem to ask for new passwords at irregular intervals and go out of sync. So I write down a part of the password somewhere.

Blink 182’s 60th anniversary commemorative tour single


I’m pretty good, selection of rotating fairly strong passwords for different things.

What does throw me is when I can’t remember and go to reset it, at which point it turns out it’s because it’s insisted on loads of arbitrary things (special characters, capital letter at the start) Would be good if they could tell you what their restrictions are when you’re failing to get in. Assume there’s a reason why not.

Trying to login to see my student loan balance

The account is registered to an email address that I don’t think exists anymore and I have no idea what the security question is. Good stuff

There was something I had to do recently where I’d forgotten my password and the security question was the standard “what was the name of your first childhood pet”.

Never had one. Couldn’t figure out what past me would have put. Still locked out.



shit, no that’s mine!

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There’s a padlock on our back gate. I put it on there about 3 weeks ago.

No idea what the combination is and need to buy bolt-cutters now.


nice guess but nope!


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