How good at you at throwing stuff in the bin from a distance?

Do you pretend you are a centre midfielder taking a shot from 30 yards out? I definitely do not.

Too good - I keep breaking the bin!

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Literally 2 mons ago I missed a bin about 6ft away with my chewing gum wrapped up in a bit of paper.


did it the other day out in public but it got a bit too close to a pedestrian and he looked slightly peeved. would have a appreciated a nod of approval when it went in and didn’t hit him but you can’t have everything i suppose.

I’m pretty good. When I miss I don’t bother picking it up. :call_me_hand:

Pretty strong skills.

Really fucking good at it


I get to do this a band practice where the bin is in the corner of the room. from the look of all the liquid stains on the wall a lot of other people also do this.

Also yes I’m a champ at it

Sometimes the kids in my class clap when I throw a bit of paper from miles. I also try to impress by increasing the distance too

Edit: I also tell them off for throwing paper


Really, really bad at it and anything that involves throwing/aiming.