How good do you feel about your local supermarket cluster

'boze is shit tho, so i feel pretty bad for you m9

My nearest supermarkets are Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s, M+S, Sainsbury’s and M+S.

This irks me slightly because Sainsbury’s is shit and M+S is a bit too extravagant for normal shopping. There’s also an Aldi but it’s tiny and always mega rammed - have to drive about 15 minutes to a decent one.

Got a Morrisons a couple of minutes further or an Asda (but Asda is quite shit).

Would be nice to have a Morrisons nearby to pick up a couple of posh bits. Obviously can’t do the full shop there I’m not Scrooge McDuck.

Got a co-op within wanking distance. Everything is overpriced but it’s so, so convenient. It’s also a petrol station and despite me being in there basically every day for months now I get asked ‘any petrol?’ every time.

That’s not a typo

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Asda is the worst supermarket, and this is the worst Asda, making it the worst supermarket in the world. Much better off at Morrison’s five minutes down Rye Lane.

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Big Sainsbury’s in Walthamstow is good imo. Big Asda isn’t.

The virus policy of a bit of a queue to get into the supermarket but then only about 30 people in there when you do

  • A much nicer experience
  • Prefer the old way

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Would like a Morrisons nearby, but otherwise got most of them really.

I like asdas. I think it’s cause I’ve got such good memories of going there as a kid and cause it seemed so fresh and new in my town whilst Morrisons and Sainsburys were so old and grey + it’s on my favourite side of town. Always surprises me when people don’t like it (outside of being a terrible company I mean)

Not sure actually. It’s really nice shopping in peace and a ‘bit’ of a queue, eg <5 mins, is fine but it’s only ever like that if you go really early.

On balance, I’d probably prefer just to be able to nip to the supermarket as I please. Like if its getting close to lunchtime and I suddenly fancy a baguette for lunch, I can nip to Sainsbo’s grab a baguette and some ham and be in and out in 2 minutes, rather than queueing around the car park like a twat for an hour.

Definitive ranking (no regionals, no small stores (sorry coop)):

Posh ones:

  1. M+S
  2. Waitrose

Midrange behemoths:

  1. Morrisons
  2. Tesco
  3. Sainsburys

Cheaper lads:

  1. Aldi
  2. Lidl
  3. Asda

Will accept Morrisons in the lower category too where it would also take the lead. Other than that I’ll be taking no further questions on this.

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Waitrose then M&S
I prefer m&s sandwich and picnic items, waitrose sandwiches are grim though they have a better bakery and general selection of items

Morrisons then Sainsburys then tesco. Morrisons and sainsburys best bakeries. Tesco bakery is not good. I like morrisons selection overall of everything including sandwiches and salad bar and they do great veg and fruit and are affordable. Sainsburys bakery is amazing, I used to work near a big Sainsburys one summer and get a tiny strawberry tart daily and it was truly the best part of my work day.

Lidl then aldi then asda
Asda is alright,but lidl bakery is amazing, their fruit and veg is as well and I love their country themes and weird random goods. Aldi had an incredible and affordable vegan section, fuck you whole foods with your £10 spirulina powder when you can get it for £2 from aldi.

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I would like to swap one of the two local Lidl’s for an Aldi though

When I’m in the office (RIP) I’m right next to an M&S and an Aldi next door to each other. Love going into Aldi first to stock up on essentials for £20 then popping next door and spending £30 on cherry bakewells and veggie sweets.

Asda goes in the mid range category imo.

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Where’s the second? I heard there’s another one being built in finniston

Big Sainsbos is an almost zenlike experience now. Reckon that queueing + shop time is less time than I’d spend in there in normal circumstances too.

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Partick and Maryhill Rd

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What’s your ranking @JaguarPirate ?