How good do you think you are at your job?

  • Probably the greatest person who’s ever done it, tbhumble
  • Better than most
  • Bang average
  • Worse than most
  • No idea why they haven’t fired me yet

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I reckon I’m pretty average. I’m never going to be patent twat of the year, but holy fuck am I less bad at a bunch of stuff than certain colleagues who are doing alright for themselves, so it’s fine.

My real strength is exuding a quiet air of competence that makes appraisals a doddle and gets me a quiet life.

I think I’m very good at the actual job itself, absent of all the many tasks that also go into my role and seem to take the majority of my time. So average, all in all.


Ever job I’ve had and every time I’ve moved up in seniority/responsibility etc. I am astonished at what the average level of competency is at every level, and how unacceptable it seems to be. Perhaps I should stop being astonished at it and accept that’s just how it works. And be a bit kinder in my assessments of others within that.

The greatest thing that ever happened for my imposter syndrome was a system being introduced that lets you see everyone else’s cases. I’m not even looking for shit, but holy hell the things that I’ve seen other people do and get away with.

Should be an ‘impostor syndrome’ answer; quietly v confident in my abilities and receive very positive feedback / recurring work opportunities, gaps in my experience and knowledge from being self-taught mean I often feel on the backfoot/surprise myself with my own competence in professional situations.

Do tend to get hired by people who are also heavily winging it, its like we have a natural bond

The number of people I come across who are stealing an extraordinarily well-paid living in the City is staggering.


Super competent at the technical aspects; no people skills to do the non-technical aspects.

Similar. I’m not that proactive either which I think drags me down to between Better than most/Average level.

Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. And it’s not even anything to do with intelligence or mental aptitude or stuff of that nature - it’s more to do with what quality of work (in terms of actual output or how you manage people etc.) some people deem is acceptable or even desirable. Boggles the mind.

That said, you do learn that meritocracy is actually in action in most places and for the most part. Obviously it’s not a universal thing and it doesn’t work as cleanly as some would have you believe. But for the most part, Senior Management and above in any given organisation ARE largely there through competence in my estimation. Mostly, but not always. This is at least of semi-comfort.

I don’t doubt it. On the one hand it’s hats off to them for gaming or negotiating a system to work so well to their advance. The problem is that as a society we disproportionately reward it (esp. in The City). Obviously solving that problem is absolutely impossible.

A Brexit shrinking of the City should sort the wheat from the chaff to some extent.

And take much of our pensions with it, no doubt. But hopefully it will be worthwhile overall.

Probably better than most, But my lack of ambition/laziness/apathy for the job stops me reaching whatever potential I have

This is the one thing we didn’t want from Brexit :scream::scream::scream_cat:

I’m certainly capable; I just can’t be arsed. The whole research, ideas, implementation thing gets shat on by various levels of public sector management having to have their say. Simple things take ages and good ideas end up being bashed about so much they end up a pointless, confusing mess. May as well dick around on the internet all day.

I’ve been in this particular role for about eight years, and at the company for sixteen. A lot of the good experienced people went when they moved a load of jobs to Dublin a couple of years ago, then a load more went in a round of voluntary severances last year, so I’ve ended up as being better than most by just hanging around.

i haven’t killed anyone yet

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Shit hitman then


All I can think of is the sketch from the Day Today.

1986 - no one died. 1987 - no one died

Please could someone look it up on youtube for me and post it to the thread?

That’s service! Thanks.

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