💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 1989

Shake It Off is a very fun pop song. The rest clearly just isnt for me. 4 and hand in my pop-lover badge

Reckon red had probably already done this. Maybe cemented but I knew you were trouble, never getting back together and 22 were all massive.

Red is better than 1989



7.5 / 8 for me. Think it’s a great album chock full of bangers.

I’m sure the songrwiting is excellent on the earlier albums but that polished pop-country Nashville sound just isn’t for me at all so an album full of synthy pop was always going to be the one that hooked me. It’s a decent length too, not a duffer on it.

Favourite track varies, gone with All You Had To Do Was Stay in the poll to give it some love. That middle 8 in Out of the Woods is enormous though.

This is great:



One of my all time favourite albums. Masterpiece back to front :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand: every song is a massive banger. I can never get bored of it, every time I put it on it just makes me happy and sweeps me up and captivates me for the entire length. I’m never not going to sing along to every word. It’s my default album I put on if I just want to listen to something but don’t have a specific idea of what.

Sure she’s done better, and I really think that most of her best songs on her other albums. It’s one of her least ambitious albums, feels like she just wanted to make 50 mins of warm comforting fun, but she really did that, and there’s so few other albums that also achieve it. Sounds timeless and classic, punchy, universally appealing, never puts a foot wrong. A masterpiece. 10!

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Almost flawless. Could probably lose a couple the tail-enders without too much bother.

Her best album by a mile.



The rap bit in Shake It Off

  • Can’t listen without cringing
  • It’s great!

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  • I love the bit where she goes HEY YEEEEAHHAAAAYEEEYEAAAAH!! at the end of the rap bit tho
  • Nah

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Like it. See it as quite a fun goofy song and this fits with that theme


The rap bit is bad but it’s probably less bad than the haters gonna hate lyric.

Pretty remarkable that it’s still a definitely good song in spite of how much I dislike those bits

Yeah Red was that huge first step into popstardom for sure, but think the singles off of 1989 were another step up. Think at that point too it was clear that she had fully stepped away from the pre-Max Martin days

I absolutely love when Taylor goes turbodork on a track and still weep for the loss of “Hey kids, spelling is fun!” from ME!


I have come to the conclusion that I am not Taylor Swift’s target audience.



Blank Space remains Taytay’s masterpiece and is a 10 GOAT pop song. Album’s pretty good. 7 maybe?

There was a point where I realised I’d learned all the songs on this album through osmosis because our old next door neighbours’ little girl had the album on repeat for an entire summer. About five times a day for three months.

It’s not for me, Clives.



Only heard the albums she put out this year before but got this on now and thankfully this is much better already. Promising that 12/13 tracks have votes in the best song poll

Feels like a solid 7 three tracks in.

I’d never actually listened to this album until today. I listened to one of her previous records once, which I thought was boring, and I think she tends to cram too many words into her songs, so I thought I didn’t like her.

Anyway, it turns out that despite never deliberately listening to this record, I had heard a lot of it somehow and it’s great. 8/10.

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Only really got into her this year with Folklore. Went through her back catalogue and I enjoyed this album a lot but thought that Red was her masterpiece.

1989 gets an 8
Red would have been a 10