💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

Easy 9. Love pavement. Wowee zowee is my favourite. I burnt out on them after buying then gorging on those deluxe editions whenever they were released, which is probably nearly 20 years ago now. Due a revist.

Really don’t get Pavement at all. I suppose I will try to give this album at least a bit of a listen this week, but…

I find their lyrics try to be too clever but just fall flat, and the singing itself just rubs me up the wrong way for some reason.

But maybe this will change my mind. Not holding my breath but trying to keep an open mind.


I was very into 90’s US alt rock as a ~18 yo, and this fell under that umbrella. I used to like it, but never loved it. Now I find Pavement boring and kind of irritating, and I don’t think I’ll ever listen to it in full again.The sad loss of youthful joie de vivre, or the benefits of broadening my listening and not sticking as hard to genre and acclaim? I’ll give it a little 3.

Bit of a disappointment after Slanted. Quite liked it at the time but rarely listen to it now. Rember them being less of a thrill live than they had been too. (mind you, it was at the Anson Rooms in Bristol, which is shit)

I was wrong, it was second. Date w/ IKEA won.

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You’re my fact checkin cuz


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It’s very good, Slanted is my go to Pavement album tho.


Also wish this pricks would negate their primavera exclusivity and do a full tour next year

One of the great albums. 10.

Glad to see someone standing up for Terror Twilight but come on man: Rattled by the Rush is an absolute monster of a great track.

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My theory is that people love the title of Date w/ IKEA more than the song :wink:

(I’ve given it a provisional 9 because it’s Pavement while I actually listen to the album properly.)

SM’s guitar on that track is amazing.

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I love this one, think it’s my (2nd) favourite on this album.

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Have to counter my previous negativity in this thread by saying that CR, CR is an incredible album. Such a breezy listen, tilting into dread at times (End of ‘Stop Breathin’ with its Can homage, ‘Newark Wilder’).

Has a perfect album closer in ‘Filmore Jive’ and some of the best songs Pavement ever wrote in ‘Elevate Me Later’, ‘Unfair’ Gold Soundz’ and ‘Range Life’. A band firing on all cylinders before they started to splay out on Wowee Zowee.


this is exactly the sort of tuneless nonsense than puts me off Pavement.

TBF if I had a thread down as the ‘descent into hot takes and trolling thread’ it wouldn’t be this one :smiley:


I honestly hate that dissonant guitar thing he does. These are great songs that they fuck up intentionally and I can’t get behind that.

I think ‘ramshackle’ is very much at the front and centre of the Pavement ‘thing’ so I’m impressed you can enjoy any of their stuff!


I like the songs the are a bit more focused.

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