💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Definitely Maybe

Ridiculous that they released this as their second single when they had things like Live Forever, Cigarettes and Alcohol and Slide Away up their sleeve


41 minutes and 30 seconds of brilliant moments to be precise.


1/10 for this MOR rubbish please


It’s not that I doubt individual love, just find the idea that collectively we think it’s better than, say, Lift Your Skinny Fists to be confusing.


An adequate review of ‘The Stone Roses’ LP to be sure.



Objectively it’s probably a 7, but I’m voting 10 for nostalgic reasons and you can’t stop me.


Usually a very big fan of the bornin69x brand but there are a lot of “citations needed” in this paragraph

Not a fan of Sad Song eh :wink:

I don’t always (or indeed often) agree with Steve Albini’s opinions on music, but his thoughts on hearing Oasis for the first time chime very closely with my own…

While we were on tour, I saw a television interview with one of the brothers in Oasis. I don’t know which one. He was going on about how if he was a kid and he heard this band Oasis, they would be his favourite fucking band. They were so fucking exciting, he couldn’t believe how fucking incredible this band was. He was in the best fucking band there ever was and if he wasn’t in the band then Oasis would be his favourite band because they were so far ahead of everybody else and so much more powerful and exciting. I thought, "Fuck. If a dude in the band is going off about how they blow him away, I really want to hear this band.

Then they followed that interview with filmed footage of that band playing a bunch of songs in concert for twenty minutes or something and I’ll assume you know what Oasis sounds like. It was fucking horrible. It’s just the most trivial, whiny reiteration of the lowest denominator of English rock and pop clichés. Don’t get me wrong, bearing in mind my profession, I have heard worse music. But the dissonance between this guy’s enthusiasm for the band that he was describing in the interview, which sounded like a band I would fucking love, and then the actual [starts impersonating the signature Gallagher vocal bleat] “aah-eee-yaaaah” of it. The dissonance was just stunning. It was like a guy talking about how impressive this bodybuilder was and then out trots a toddler infant.


I guess enough of us individually love it that we collectively rate it really highly.

Very apt

I think I’m missing the reference here?!

Anybody else think that Columbia sounds like Finest Worksong by REM?


Ah I fucked up.
Thought you were referring to Definitely Maybe.
As you were x


Probably a 5 out of 10 for Definitely Maybe.

that’s getting a 10

It’s so hard to give a balanced opinion of Oasis. There’s the britpop backlash meaning we are mandated to hate anything from that era, there’s the fact that after the first couple of albums they became so unbelievably uninteresting, not to mention the dreadful solo albums, or that Noel managed to make a song that sounded like a shit vaccines and it somehow counted as him pushing his musical boundaries. But more than that, is there anyone who isn’t sick to bloody death of at least some of their songs (Mr Brightside syndrome)? Does anyone really want to hear Wonderwall ever again?

And of course Liam in particular is a massive twat, albeit occasionally entertaining in his cartoon twattiness. Noel also seems to be pretty full of himself despite not really ever coming up with an original musical idea.

At the time, there was so much excitement for this album. I bought it and didn’t quite understand the hype. I really liked some of the songs - Live Forever, Columbia, Slide Away come to mind - but a lot of it was just alright. Certainly nothing new to warrant the levels of excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, I still got swept up in it a bit, and I was very much into Morning Glory when it came out. (An album I don’t think I could stomach listening to again however). I even liked the third album for a bit I’m ashamed to say.

I think my favourite song on here is probably Live Forever. I just love the way it ends - the slightly crappy high pitched chorus suddenly breaks and he sings it with some kind of fragile urgency, and that guitar solo. I’ve just heard it so many bloody times now. Rock Band really didn’t do it any favours for me.

Going for a 6. Well overplayed, with probably no lasting positive influence on anyone, but it varies between quite and very good. But I also never want to hear it again.


I wonder did all the ‘lads’ like The Stone Roses at the time or did it become a lad fest in retrospect/over time.
Ian Brown gets a zero for being a mad anti mask/vax bollocks.

Nah Noel is streets ahead on this front what with being a Tory anti mask/vax sneaky piece of shit.
Liam is a fucking hero by comparison these days.