💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Are we calling it a downvote if it’s not a 10? Because I just rated TOTBL what it deserved man, which was like a 7 or something. Maybe an 8 because of PDA…

That album should be a 10 across the board

I remember when it first came out and I thought to myself ‘they’re no interpol’. 6


So it’s confirmed, it’s ok to think Enter The Wu-Tang is a load of boring bollocks and give it a 1

Turn on the Bright Lights and 36 Chambers are two of my favourite albums too


I really like it but if someone listens to it and doesn’t like it, don’t abstain because it’s a loved and revered album, give it a rating on how much you enjoy it innit.


Dunno, are we sure they don’t give Morrissey a pass for his fascism?

I think it’s also fine not to rate it because you feel you can’t really. That’s definitely been true for me with some of these albums where it’s clear that any impression I get in this week isn’t really going to be more than an arbitrary stab at the dial.

I also have tried not to vote on albums I don’t really know if I feel like it’ll be a 5 or less because I feel a bit mean in those instances :smiley:

Fuck 'em, they’re only albums


I likethat this thread has become:


“giving Turn On The Bright Lights less than 10 is a downvote”


Getting annoyed I didn’t vote for interpol


Listened to this yesterday. So dementedly good. Ideas exploding out of every single bar. Pure attitude constantly.

Minus 0.1 for the intro to ‘Method Man’ so let’s round it up to 10.


I’m not being entirely serious, people can vote for what they want how they want, my original point was that I was objecting to the idea that hip hop fans on this site downvoted TOTBL when that’s clearly not true.

It is a perfect 10 though.


So is ‘Conclusion’ a separate track on the original CD? It’s listed that way on Discogs but on Spotify it’s a single 6m 10s track. Feel like that’s unusual on Spotify but maybe it’s just about different versions.

Trying to be totally objective here, but of all the criticisms you could level at this album, I’d struggle to agree with it being ‘boring’.



Have gone with Clan In Da Front for now simply cos I can’t let it have 0 votes.


Yeah, that one has floored me.

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I might be wrong but I don’t think he was saying the album is boring. Just that it would be allowable to have that opinion.

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Well it shouldn’t because nobody has said that. Even if they had though I’m not going to tell people how they should be reacting to this album

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You should, there are a lot of people out there with terrible opinions. THEY NEEEEEEED TO KNOW THAT.