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Decent score for 3 Feet High And Rising:


This week is the album you lot voted as the best of the 21st Century: It’s Funeral by Arcade Fire, but how good is it really?


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Best track:

  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  • Neighborhood #2 (Laïka)
  • Une Année Sans Lumière
  • Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
  • Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
  • Crown Of Love
  • Wake Up
  • Haïti
  • Rebellion (Lies)
  • In The Backseat

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No next album poll this week, I’m choosing the next one


Top to bottom no holds barred 10/10


Don’t listen to it often, mainly because wake up and rebellion are still used so much on the telly.

But it’s a big ol’ ten from me. Reckon Tunnels might be the best debut LP opener ever


Disappointed it’s not Among the Living. :frowning:


Apart from Formed A Band, obviously


It’s really fucking good. Gateway record for me for loads of the stuff I listen to now. Still my most listened to record of all time according to last.fm despite not listening to it much these days.

Tunnels is one of the definitive opening tracks of my lifetime, it’s pure spine tingles. Doesn’t ever really let up from there tbh, big dumb riffs and wooooahs and drums, piercing lyrics, perfectly paced. 10 10 10.


Waiting room is the obvious answer here.


So many good choices but just whacked on In The Backseat. Halfway through when Regine starts just belting it out. Goosebumps.


this is the first album I got properly into because of DiS harping on about how good it was, I already liked “No Cars Go” but took a chance on it and now Neighborhood #3 is one of my favourite songs ever

Best song on the album but I have a weird thing about it, because my mum is called Alice. I know there’s going to be a point in my life where I can’t listen to it any more. As I say, odd.


The In The Aeroplane Over The Sea of the mid 00’s. Worshipped by it’s fans, a collective shrug from everyone else.

Listened to it a few times but honestly can’t remember anything about it. Might give it another listen this week to see if anything has changed.


I always thought the album (and their career) was hurt by putting their best song first on their debut album

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9/10. They’ll never top it… must be weird to be in a band and peak on the first album. But I guess they might not see it that way themselves.

Get strong feels from this album… wrapped up in a lot of early 20s confusion, which it was a perfect soundtrack to. Was exhilarating live.


9/10. Would be perfect if not for Kettles.

Dont buy all the hyperbole about it being an unmatchable start to their career (The Suburbs is as good IMO) but it’s undeniably one of the all-time great indie records.

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Arguably my favourite album of all time. Means so much to me. Was fortunate to see them twice on this tour when I was a teenager, absolutely life-changing shows. Just so exciting and incredibly volatile at the time (which was so unexpected). One of the shows was with pals and one of them was with my family, and I think they are the only band that I feel connects me to both groups in my life.

The sequencing is unreal, the best songs flow from mellow indie-orchestra to ragged anthemic rock, and the album as a whole reflects this too. Production-wise, it pretty much sounds like it was recorded in a basement but it completely works.


Not for me but I get why people like it so much.

Will abstain as I don’t think I’ve ever listened all the way through.

Don’t really listen to it much anymore but it’s clearly a staggeringly good album.

Pretty much did everything they came to do on that first track, bonkers. Rest of it is great too though.

Don’t get what’s meant to be so great about it.

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