💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Homogenic

What a song Bachelorette is.

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find Björk annoying and pretentious though obviously there’s some skill there 6/10

if you deem Bjork to have ‘some’ skill, who would you deem to have ‘a massive amount’ of skill?

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Possibly not the thread, but yeah she clearly hates Spotify and I don’t think it’s unjustified or irrational as I don’t think anyone would argue that their business model is great for artists. More difficult to square when your albums are on Tidal and Amazon I guess, but maybe she thinks they run a better system? idk.

You’re also not committing any crime when you listen to an artist on Youtube btw, even if the video has been put up there without the rights holders’ permission. Assume the position would be the same in Oz, but even if it wasn’t, you would have a ‘fair use’ defence if you were watching it for of one of John’s threads, because clearly this would be for the purposes of academic discussion :wink:

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dunno really tbh

Well obviously some people put adverts in their YouTubes so someone else is making the money. Regardless it’s still stealing on a basic moral level if the artist has purposefully removed their stuff from free streaming although I respect the academic defence :grinning:.

Given she has a Bandcamp but hasn’t allowed any free streaming (most artists let you listen 3 times max I think) I assume that is her position (no free streaming).

FWIW yeah Spotify is fucking scum sure but then AFAIK Google happily censors its entire business model for the Chinese regime in order to profit which is kind of why I am *wobbling hand* about using YT as a sole official free streamer.

just listen to the damn thing already Theo

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Think this is more of a Drag City thing - they don’t seem to allow streaming for their artists (or if they do it’s one track only).

That Youtube video has been up for more than 5 years too and it’s the first result on Google. Assume if she was militant about it, she or Drag City would have taken it down by now?

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Don’t make me tap the sign

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Can’t wait for the Joanna Newsom thread so that I can derail it by debating the ethics of my local newsagent selling multipack snickers as individual bars


Got this on now and had forgotten out good Alarm Call is! When the strings come in at the 2:30 mark :smiley:

Hunter is such a good opener isn’t it?

I remember it as a single. I actually liked all the singles I heard which surprised me because I’d not really been sure of the previous album and It’s Oh So Quiet had really got on my nerves (seem to recall liking Army of Me).

This one hell of a tough choice.

I have voted and my heart sank for Joanna, damn.

This is a really good album. Easy to see why Bjork is as highly regarded as she is being able to have made something like this almost 25 years ago and it still sounds incredibly fresh and interesting.


I think you owe her more respect on her skill, Bamnan

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my favourite songs haven’t gotten any votes :frowning:

my normal kind of words are beyond me right now, but ‘All Neon Like’ and ‘Immature’ are so, so great

the vocal on the latter is one of her very best

the bit where she starts elongating and leaning into the words? the aching blues kind of riffing on the title bit?

yeah perhaps I am being unreasonable, that was an interesting interview at least

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We love Bjork, clearly! :smiley: