💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Horses

Jeez, maybe if I’d got that instead things would have been very different.

Quite fond of this album, gone for a solid 8/10 for it. Gloria has got to be my top track but also very fond of Free Money too.

Not got much more to add than hasn’t already been far better articulated here than I could. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, that was the year I saw her. I accidentally caught her poetry reading in the woods too. 2012 was the last time I went to EOTR actually. That’s nothing to do with Patti Smith though

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Sure :wink:
2012 was the only time I went and I went mostly because of the Grandaddy headlining and the Bella Union day.
Was a great festival but aye she was not a highlight to be sure.

I feel a bit like a Justin Bieber t-shirt wearing teenager laying into Sgt Peppers, but I’ve listened to this a few times this week and although Gloria actually pretty great, but I’m finding the rest of the album really hard work. I’m sure this is sacrilege but I find her voice quite annoying - it completely dominates all the songs and makes them all sound the same. It’s quite a showy voice. Maybe it’ll grow on me. I’m trying but at the moment I’m just at a 4/10.



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B-ieber Sides and Rarities - 10/10

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I’m liking the chaotic live cover of My Generation at the end of disc 1 (spotify version anyway). It’s got a great angry, noisy rough energy to it. And she doesn’t go ‘Aayyyyyyyy’ all the time which is a blessing.

Still so sad about that Grandaddy set. We got the set list after and so many bangers were cut. Including a cover of Here by Pavement.

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Fuck sake!
They were still good tbf.
Glad I have since seen them again and Jason solo though tbf

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I’ve been wondering for a while - is this Patti Smith tune, ‘Piss Factory’, well known or not? I absolutely love it.


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It’s doubly great!

Can you recommend? I know Horses and a couple of tracks but have a hankering to explore further after bingeing this one all week.

Would recommend the next album, Radio Ethiopia, and going from there. Title track is incredible and there’s some belters on there.

7.86 for Horses

@roastthemonaspit can you pick a track that isn’t Gloria please?





Would agree with this, Easter is my favourite (one very musjudged song title aside)